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  • qi zhen floor attention to house website work with the ground non-toxic. Health requirements.     conclusion: epoxy floor paint cost-effective, in the decoration process used properly will often play an unexpected effect, all according to their actual needs to play a small series of selection. More Jiezhuang knowledge welcome attention to house website. Related reading: how to measure the floor paint abrasion resistance, epoxy floor paint buy seven key factors, what is floor paint, floor paint price?Bamboo flooring fresh and natural, good decorative effect, widely used in Home Furnishing life, the correct use and maintenance, to keep the beautiful and durable bamboo floor is very important, today Xiaobian to introduce maintenance skills of wood flooring, maintenance work to help you do a good job of bamboo wood composite flooring. First, keep indoor ventilation and dry environment, often keep indoor ventilation, not only can make the chemicals in the floor as volatile as possible, row out to the outside, and can make indoor moist air and outdoor exchange. Especially in the absence of long-term living and maintenance, ventilation and ventilation inside the room is more important. Common practice is: often open windows or doors, so that the air convection, or the use of air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems, so as to create a clean and dry indoor environment. tile on bathroom walls pvc ceiling non combustible fence portable plastic decks for home deck wood flooring on terrace
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