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  • Connor  B Carey Top 9 Tips For Bigpond Login Issue In Latest Version Of Android Phone Now a day, everyone has at least one smart phone. Android phone is one of the user friendly smart phones which come within a moderate budget. That’s why users always want to perform their online works through this type of phone.  When it comes to using of bigpond email service, then users face different types of problems. To realize this, bigpond email help team advice them to follow some rules and tips which will help them to avoid those unwanted bigpond related problems in their android phone. Users know they are out of technical knowledge, that’s why they depend on those technicians without any question. Bigpond technicians advice them to check out certain things while they are about to use bigpond email in their android phone. These are discussed below- ü   Users are instructed to check out the email settings in their android phones. ü   They need to tap on the ‘’devices’’ and can check the activities of the device. ü   Bigpond technical team advice them to check the bigpond email address and password both. Sometimes, they typed the email address and password incorrectly and failed to operate their online account from the android phone. ü   Users are instructed to log out from their bigpond email account from pc or laptop. But if they don’t and still try to access same email account from android phone, then they will receive error messages constantly. So they should log out from that account from pc or laptop. ü   After logging out from the desktop, users need to open bigpond email app in their android phone and then they should mention bigpond email login details. ü   Bigpond technicians advice them to turn off the 2 step verification. To turn off it, users need to log in their bigpond email account. Then they need to select ‘’account settings’’ option. And then they need to open the drop down menu. Then they need to click on ‘’edit’’ option. Then users need to turn off the 2 step verification procedure. ü   Bigpond technicians advice them to change the password. Users need to fill the captcha correctly. By filling captcha, users need to verify the account that they are not a robot. They are human being. ü   Users should check the internet connection and the data speed. Sometimes due to low data capacity and low speed, they failed to access own bigpond account from their android phone. ü   Users need to be careful while using public network. They should use a strong antivirus to protect their data from hackers and viruses. If above mentioned tips sounds complicated then users can take help from the  bigpond email help  team directly. They are open for 24x7 hours. They demand very reasonable charges for their services. All technicians are very much qualified in this field. They never compromise with the quality of the service. Users can negotiate with them without any hesitation regarding the service charges and the duration. Bigpond technicians offer them customized service package depending on their budget and duration. They always maintain the deadline. That’s why users can rely on them without any hesitation.
    September 14
  • Musakn Pahuja The best cake online: get it for birthday, anniversary or casual event
    Wed at 12:59 AM