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How to know if SBCGlobal Email login has been hacked?

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    January 12, 2018 8:47 PM PST

    Hello Friends

    I have used a sbcglobal email account. Please tell me how to know if sbc mail has been hacked. Tell me simple ways.

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    January 14, 2018 10:39 PM PST

    Hi ariana

    You use the simple steps :

    1. The best way to identify the Email being hacked or not is by getting a report from your friend. If he is receiving a spam mail from your address and able to read it which you have not sent intentionally, then it means that the emails are being forwarded automatically from your AT&T Net email login. This is one of the best ways to check the email.
    2. The external forces will then change the login password of your account without taking your consent and start sending spam messages to your friends without any notice. If you try to change the password, then the spammers keep on shutting down abruptly. If your account has been hacked by some witty hacker, then your password may not get changed but you keep on receiving the notifications related to spam on your SBC Yahoo login. In such cases, you can go to SBCGlobal email settings to check when your password was changed the last time.
    3. Another way to determine your account is by checking the missing items in your sent mail. If the sent mails are deleting without your information, then this is carried out by the hacker. Hackers are too fast to delete the mails from your sent folder. You can’t retain the Att Net email login messages in such condition.
    4. The fourth way, to check the SBCGlobal email if it has been hacked or not is by opening the same account through different links. If you have been able to access the mail from other links, then check the location of your account from where it has been logged in so far. If you are getting any login from outside your country, then it means your account is being compromised and this is not a problem with your Antivirus.


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    January 14, 2018 11:45 PM PST

    Hello Ariana,


    1. In order to get back to email service, some of the senior experts have advised that keep on changing the password at regular interval of time and set the password which is not easy to guess by someone.
    2. Another option to save the account from being hacked is by using the ‘Sign-in Seal’, which will first verify the visual ID, then allow you to access the account. Any hacker will not be able to detect the image, which you have set on your SBCGlobal Net email Login. You must set the fun picture which is easy to remember as you set on your smartphone for the background image.
    3. You can also add the second email address through which you can get entry into your email address. If you have an account on Gmail, then connect it to the SBC account.
    4. The last but not the least option to secure your SBC account is by adding the contact number in the email account settings. You will get notification and password recovery link on your registered mobile number if your account has been hacked.

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    January 16, 2018 1:43 AM PST


    There are two links located on this page in our Internet Hot Topics section that may help. You will find information to change your password here, for free and active accounts. You will also want to check out our Has Your Email Been Hacked article here. 

    Once email accounts become free AT&T has limited troubleshooting support but you will find information for our Digital Assistance Team in the password article. 



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