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    January 10, 2018 5:15 AM PST

    prepared to enter the overseas B \u0026 Q market. We are in the process of docking with B \u0026 Q, we will find the gap between our Chinese enterprises and the world's top 500 enterprises,tongue and groove composite toronto we do not say anything else, we compared with others to a small project to the gap is very large. We still have some room for improvement.indias big wholesaler of pvc panels Just now we talked about many technologies and products. And it still has a lot of room for development. Our industry is also very special, bamboo is a resource-consuming products, desperate to do the brand here, if the upstream resources are not prepared, such as the southern snow disaster, we all over the

    bamboo fell, and now faced with an ingredient The problem of inadequate supply, so that this is also the problem we have to face, for enterprises, you have your industry chain,recycled compressed plastic outdoor furniture your upstream resources are ready, then, because I am on behalf of Jiangxi enterprises, we Jiangxi enterprises with their counterparts in these enterprises vary widely,estimated cost of deck home depot although there are resource advantages, but we did not make good use of these advantages, we are doing some subsidiary products, there are some technologies we still have to learn from you. This is a big waste of resources now. Parquet floor color is very much, so these several do like domestic laminate flooring so

    many years after their development, in the antique floor, you want to break through the nature and the safe floor is impossible, we do not have their financial advantages ,building stairs with composite decking So we have to go its own way, the other bamboo flooring its color, size is very simple, we have to do in the development of solid wood composite bamboo flooring, some of which we still can go to imitation solid wood flooring. In addition, the top of the form, the country should now take the largest amount,materials used over plywood for decking a good factory out of dozens of ordinary bamboo flooring, their products of the same level, because of changes in exchange rates, so the form above also changes. In the last year, a