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various wood flooring overall pass rate

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    January 9, 2018 11:59 PM PST

    on some associations or stabilizes the price system and plans the industry through some administrative interventions. The industry will have hope. We have a little more advanced, then a joint,exterior architectural railing cost per foot then reshuffling this time is effective, and now how to wash? Everyone is so small, how to wash If there is a big consortium or big business to buy it, I am also willing to be acquired. Just now I talked about two things to do in 2008: one is to deepen the training of shopping guide staff, the other to enhance the service of our products and enhance our service.wall cladding of lift exterior Hunan Peach Blossom River Industrial Co., Ltd. First, we are not bamboo industry training by Chinese

    consumers, our entire industry market share is very low, only a few points, the room for improvement is still very large, we know that our bamboo is very Big advantage,interlocking wood planks for walls its low cost, is a renewable resource, and now how do we guide consumers to understand our product, guide them to spend. Just now I heard many colleagues talked about this point of view, doing marketing terminals and doing marketing fence for front yard I personally think that no matter in the trade association or the country, some standards and systems for this industry and some after-sales service laws and regulations Only in this way can we guide our consumers to this product. He believes that

    the rules promulgated by these organizations give him a good faith belief in this product. Our image shop design is very important, when we design the image shop,using composite decking for an above ground pool and reviews because our domestic home floor market stores rarely, generally not more than ten, and some stores have, but our bamboo floor in a corner , But when asked about consumers, they do not have the concept of bamboo flooring. Another is the media,composites company in ontario the Internet is now able to accept the crowd is the high-end crowd, consumers are also high-end consumers, they can accept the crowd of our products, we hope to promote such a media through Sohu I first do a terminal image , I think the market