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participate in the field of bamboo flooring

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    January 9, 2018 1:42 AM PST

    States Lacey Act, the European harvesting policy are more and more stringent. If you want to export, you have to study him these things, or the factory is very small,eco friendly decks
    but they have specialized personnel for product development, if you do not have the lock, I will seal it back, It has hundreds of millions of locks every year. Therefore, we need to pay great attention to intellectual property in the bamboo industry. We demand legal protection.adding composite seats to an existing deck Therefore, the issue of intellectual property should also draw the attention of all of us because it is a new industry with A lot of inventions and innovations, you say that other than the locking of the other wooden

    floor, the rest are hundreds of years of history, nothing to strengthen, so we need to strengthen their sense of protection, if you have pricing power, you have intellectual property Return, wpc for cable cladding
    your business will be stronger, I have the money to invest in personnel and other aspects of investment. We are always with Dazhuang Lin in this area is the same category, we pay great attention to product development and intellectual property rights,bolt wood post to concrete for the development of our color, as long as we can meet the appearance patent conditions are applied, in line with the use of we also apply, we are The application fee in this area is also very high. 'It's a rock of mountains,

    you can attack jade.'new slats for garden bench
    Wood flooring industry after so many years of development, has laid a very good first mover advantage. Bamboo flooring as a rising star want to catch up with wooden flooring, we must give full play to 'advantage of late'insulating the cores of prestressed concrete floor panels to sum up and absorb the experience and lessons learned in the development of wood flooring. The following business representatives to talk about bamboo flooring industry should learn how to learn from the floor industry experience and lessons learned Bamboo flooring industry by leaps and bounds? I think so, the bamboo flooring industry can refer to the multi-layer structure of solid wood composite this category