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floor hole is used to make the air vent

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    April 23, 2017 11:04 PM PDT

    openings on the floor will be open for many reasons, the company will be different for different methods of opening with different decorative treatment. The holes must be of complete structure, neat appearance, no sharp edges or burrs, so as to avoid injury to personnel. Under the condition that the floor hole is used to make the air vent, the regulator must be considered to adjust the air.     conclusion: the above is the construction process of the

    steel floor of the small house introduction, I hope to help you. The floor more knowledge, welcome attention to the house decoration raiders.What are the materials of the steel elevated floor? The common material of all steel floor is mainly steel, aluminum and anti-static tiles, PVC, etc.. The following detailed understanding of the material under the steel floor.     1, elevated floor according to the base material and the veneer material is divided into

    steel base, aluminum base and anti-static tiles, PVC, etc.. The so-called elevated floor is the use of brackets, beams, panel lights assembled from the assembled. There is a certain degree of open space between the floor and the panel, which can be used for laying and air supply. It is very useful for the computer room, the data room, the office space and so on. 2, the size and accuracy of the elevated floor is a certain production standards in terms of manual,

    pvc panel board where to buy in the philippines
    plastic cover for deck wood
    composie decking made in finland

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    April 24, 2017 4:04 PM PDT

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