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production and distribution of enterprises re-quality

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    April 23, 2017 6:10 PM PDT

    Warning five: consumers should buy a reputable brand floor After nearly a decade of brand development, the market has emerged a large number of outstanding brands,plastic gravel boards online such brands of production and distribution of enterprises re-quality, stresses credibility, the majority of consumers The approval. But the market there are some poor quality, no brand of products, such products are generally only focus on immediate interests of business operators,Customizable wood plastic composite pergola usually in non-standard place sales, consumer rights are not guaranteed. Shanghai consumers Lee in a small building materials market to buy the price is very cheap and no brand of the floor, but with less than six months the floor surface was worn, floor splicing gap so that Mr. Lee can not accept.

    Authoritative analysis: According to the China Forestry Industry Association, the person in charge, in view of the current strengthening of wood flooring products on the market and the phenomenon of good and bad,colour waterproof vinyl flooring in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, it is recommended that consumers according to their needs and economic capacity to choose their own Products, must not seek cheap, to choose a brand, reputable products, especially in recent years, the national sampling of qualified brands. Measure the quality of the floor products and services is excellent,Using WPC Material for Outdoor Flooring but also depends on the relevant business certification, such as quality management is passed ISO9001 certification, environmental protection, whether through the ISO14001 and China Environmental Labeling product certification

    such products after-sales service and product quality Guaranteed. Warning six: consumers should be good at safeguarding their own rights In response to the above problems and reflected in the complaint to see the situation,Pergola Plans Building Garden Structures some consumers in the purchase of laminate flooring not pay attention to the preservation of invoices, contracts and other relevant evidence, in the event of consumer disputes, Lack of evidence can not safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. To this end, the Chinese Consumers Association to remind consumers to note the following: 1. With the operator signed sales and installation services,how much does a patio cost northern virginia a clear contract, including the contents of the product quality, installation and acceptance terms, warranty and warranty terms.

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    April 24, 2017 4:29 PM PDT

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