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Does solid wood maintain need to wax?

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    February 21, 2017 8:40 PM PST

    Though solid wood adds up to a floor to have very good stability, setup convenient, maintain easily and the price is relatively substantial, get the welcome of a lot of consumer, but because a lot of friends join a floor board to solid wood not be to understand very much, have one when the part is doing real wood floor to maintain, undertake waxing, does so solid wood add up to a floor to need to wax?

    Does solid wood add up to a floor to wax?

    Do not need. Why does so solid wood add up to a floor not to need to wax? Because solid wood closes the wear-resisting level of floor itself,that is first-rate, shining degree also has finalized the design, won't appear in that way like real wood floor the problem of fission. So the floor waxes only real wood floor just needs to wax maintain.

    If you had hit candle, meeting Where is occurrence what problem? After if give real wood compound floor board,hitting candle, do not go out a few days, does solid wood add up to floor surface to will appear does the circumstance floor of glossy light wax which sign is good? This moment should do processing to compare a trouble, after like fructification wood compound floor hit candle, finally a few clear candle.

    1, the floor waxes keep dry: It is real wood floor or real wood no matter what compound floor needs to hold floor ground is dry, bathe to come out to should notice especially, do not let water join a floor board in solid wood above, if drip,the floor waxes went up water should be wiped in time clean with dry cotton cloth. Will bring about a floor to wax otherwise apophysis.

    2, sunshine is point-blank: The floor waxes do not make sunshine point-blank solid wood joins a floor board, want to notice on window edge, if be the word between exposed to the sun is in,summer must notice to pull the curtain when sunshine is relatively intense, if be waxed by the floor intense sunshine is long illuminate will bring about floor craze.

    3, careful and acerb article: Everybody must notice floor of cut of not acerb article, the floor waxes especially when we are carrying furniture, the proposal moves furniture carrying next from the ground, not direct and dilatory, will leave the impress with deeper the next on the floor in that way.

    4, had done daily cleanness: If,the floor waxes dirty, should have done in time clear, use cotton cloth is wiped can, had better not use cleaner. In maintaining, solid wood joins a floor board is not to need to undertake waxing.

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