The vehicular sports game June amend is rolling out

  • The vehicular sports game's June amend is rolling out on consoles and PC appropriate now, complete with lots of new agreeable to discover.The banderole allure is the Neo Tokyo arena, which is based on the Underpass map, and is attainable in all accidental and aggressive playlists.

    And the Neo Tokyo affair doesn't stop there, as developer Psyonix affairs to Rocket League Items barrage the Esper and Masamune cars as DLC on July 18. Classic cars Aftershock and Maurauder will be attainable on the aloft day, alongside six new decals.

    Today's June amend aswell comes with the Pillars Amphitheatre in the Rocket Labs playlist. Pillars divides the acreage into three lanes for a new blazon of Rocket League experience.Other appearance cover the Showroom, which will accord players the adventitious to examination exceptional agreeable in abounding 3D afore buying.