Developer Psyonix is rolling out a aloft amend

  • The developers aswell teased what is advancing to the bold over the next year, including a “big” abatement amend that will abounding requested actualization to the game. They aswell arise some absorbing statistics about the game, including the actuality that over 33 actor humans accept played the game, and that over 1.6 actor humans play Rocket League every day.

    The aloft 2nd ceremony amend aswell added a lot to the game, including a new map alleged Champions Field, customizable Engine Audio, Ambition Explosions, and Supersonic Trails, a new affectionate of Rocket League Items Crate, new Achievements and Trophies, and new customization items based off of Rick and Morty.

    Developer Psyonix is rolling out a aloft amend for its accepted eSport car bold Rocket League for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. The amend includes the advanced arise Blast access that throws in lots of agrarian and crazy power-ups for the game's cars.