A new amend for the accustomed bold Rocket League

  • A new amend for the accustomed bold Rocket League is advancing to all platforms this Wednesday, May 10th! This update, 1.34, brings with is a new car, some new upgrades and a accustomed amphitheatre and was arise on Rocket League Items the official Rocket Leaguewebsite beforehand today.

    The latest amend for the bold will bead on all platforms on Wednesday at 3 PM PST/ 6 PM EST. Rocket Leagueadministrator Psyonix arise the amend today stating, “Your acknowledgment has been heard. Neo Tokyo is back, and we’ve redesigned it as a Accustomed Arena.” The map has been redesigned to abolish alongside ramps on either side, while the backdrop has remained untouched. This redesigned map will be attainable in all playlists, as able-bodied as both Advancing and Clandestine matches. The old adaptation of Neo Tokyo is abiding as well, about it has been renamed Tokyo Underpass and will attainable to play offline and in clandestine matches only. It is set to alter the absolute Underpass map.