Afterwards accession Bears touchdown

  • Until today, all of the altercation of the newest NFL video game, Madden NFL 18, had been bound to Madden 18 Coins amateur ratings and a screenshot or two. However, that afflicted this morning if a brace of gameplay videos went up on Youtube. The Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl rematch video apparently doesn’t affect Blooming Bay Packers admirers much, but the added bold should: it’s a Packers-Bears antagonism at a albino Lambeau Field.

    In addition, both teams are cutting bequest uniforms, as the Packers go with 1960s-era jerseys. For those who didn’t accomplish it to the end, you’ll be admiring to apprehend that the Packers were victorious, assault Chicago 21-14. The Bears jumped out to an aboriginal advance on a Jordan Howard touchdown accession from Mitchell Trubisky, but Aaron Rodgers denticulate on a quarterback bastard to get ashamed in the game. Afterwards accession Bears touchdown, the Packers angry the bold on a Ty Montgomery touchdown run and Clay Matthews affected and recovered a Trubisky bollix to set up the final score: a touchdown coulee from Rodgers to Richard Rodgers.