How to Combine Print and Digital Media for Adding Value

  • Do you think that print advertising material is long gone and dead? If yes, then you are further from the truth than you realize.


    It might not be the ‘numero uno’ method of marketing anymore, but the majority of the consumers still believe much more in printed material than something they can only see online. So, in this modern age, it is best to combine the old-world method with the modern method of digitization, to give your brand wings to fly high above all others.


    Many companies are ready to offer their services. Some believe in print media while others believe in digital media for advertisement. Manchester and other cities have various companies and agencies that offer both, so find one that caters to all your needs.




    Any business owner would want their business to reach great heights and the best way to that is to have a proper marketing strategy. Various methods of advertisement are available, while some prefer the old world printed media, others prefer digital media. Both the forms have a number of advantages so, why not integrate the two.

    Here is how you can do it successfully and benefit the business at the same time:


       Use QR Codes along with Personalised URLs

     QR codes and personalized URLs are a great way to engage consumers using your printed media. It will help to lead them towards your online campaigns. Customers can scan the QR codes into their smartphones or type in the personalized URLs on their smartphones and computers. With this you can spread the word to all types of audiences.


    As a wider range of audience is targeted, there is a better chance of creating awareness about your brand.


       Harness the Power of Social Media Platforms

     Social media like Facebook and Twitter has taken over most people’s life and thus can be used in a positive way to market your brand. It is a great platform for launching your print marketing campaigns, as it can manage to reach a larger audience. This is one platform that can not only drive the traffic from print to social, but if used wisely and intelligently, then it can push traffic the other way as well.


    So, as you harness the power of the social media platforms, you can be sure that your brand will become popular among many.


       Use Call-To-Actions

     You can use your print marketing material and direct your consumers towards your digital marketing strategies, by including Call-To-Actions. Once the audience who prefer printed media reach your digital campaigns, then they can also help spread the word to more tech-savvy crowd, increasing brand consciousness.


    So, in this way printed material along with Call-To-Actions can be used to create awareness of your digital media presence as well.


       Synchronise Strategies and Departments

     Internal synchronization is very important if you want to fuse the two aspects, print and digital media. Without that, you will not be able to combine the two successfully. If you cannot fuse the two properly, then how can the strategy work for your brand?


    So, you need to share data across all teams and departments. This will ensure that no one is left out of the picture and they can plan the strategy of marketing appropriately.


    With this successful strategy you can be sure that your brand reaches more consumers.




    Yes, surely it can. All you need to do is plan out and incorporate the great features of each form. This will help you to deduce a winning formula.

    To do this you need to carefully consider certain points like cross platform behaviour and engagement along with what role each of these two marketing strategies play. Only when you have gained an understanding of these aspects, will you be able to successfully use both and make your brand a success.