The Untapped Gold Mine of Promotional Merchandise No One Knows

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    Companies use bespoke promotional merchandise as a tactic for promoting their brand through various products. These products usually bear the brand logo or company name that they intend to promote. These merchandises are handed out to the audience present at events like conferences and trade shows, to name some. This technique is a part of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns that involve promoting business and brands through unconventional methods to grab the attention of prospective clients on a personal level.


    Companies spend hours to come up with ideas and solutions that are compact yet great (and effective) ways to promote a brand. Customized merchandise targeted at brand promotions not only create awareness about the brand, but also play a significant role in converting potential customers into loyal clients.




    The products that are used for brand promotion help create a personal connection with the potential client. So, the products that bear the branding need to be useful in daily life. Some of the categories of products are listed below:


      • Promotional Paper: This includes personalized notebooks, notepads, stationery supplies along with sticky notes and calendars.


      • Promotional Technology: These could be device related accessories like chargers, power banks, headphones, memory sticks, selfie sticks and much more.


      • Promotional Drinkware: Attractive plastic mugs, travel mugs, bottles, ceramic mugs and glasses would suit this purpose.


      • Promotional Clothing: In this category, products like hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shirts and similar items can be found.


      • Promotional Writing Instrument: Some examples of these could be highlighters, pens, pencils, pen sets and markers to name some.


      • Promotional Bags: Styles of bags like rucksacks, paper bags, laptop/notebook cases, backpacks and plastic bags, as well as cotton and eco bags come under this category.


    Companies that concoct such creative merchandise collect information on the brand’s campaign, and customize product that is unique to your brand’s goal. They pour in their creativity to come up with innovative designs and creative ideas to make your brand’s campaign special and the products useful to the recipients alongside.




    Customized goods meant for branding may backfire if the quality of the product is sub-par. So, it is imperative that the customized merchandise should be of superior quality.


    This can only be possible if the supply chain of the merchandise is from a trusted source that produces merchandise abiding by the rules and follows work ethics. Companies that offer inspection reports, sampling preproduction, documentation on product safety compliance and other important reports help guarantee superior quality product. These companies then can be entrusted with the responsibility of providing high quality personalized merchandise for brand promotions.




      • Creates awareness about products and services of the brand/company as the merchandise stays within the sight of consumers and the people around the consumers for a longer period of time; thus spreading the brand’s name.


      • Presents the brand logo to the real world as it is a hands-on product and thus has the capability to reach higher number of customers, even people who are not that tech-savvy.


      • Merchandise with brand logo is usually used as a giveaway at events, which leaves a mark in the mind. This ensures that consciously or subconsciously customers will invest in your brand as they become loyal clients.


      • A wide range of merchandise that promotes your business logo ensures that the customers feel positive towards your brand and thus engage more with it.


      • Such brand logo bearing merchandise can be a cost-effective advertisement option as they stay around for a longer period of time reminding consumers of the brand; whereas a TV ad or online campaign might be forgotten within a few days. This ensures improving the ROI (Return On Investment) of the brand.


    Yes, customized merchandise with the company/brand logo is a gold mine for any business or brand. Such personalized products bearing branding have the capacity to convert a prospect into customer, thereby turning any business into a success.