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  • In this case, we already know that Heyward was going at or near his top speed. As we said, 4.29 seconds from home-to-first is faster than 95 percent of his other home-to-first times this year, noting, of course, that not all of those plays were max effort. His top tracked time this year -- of any of the three years of Statcast™, actually -- was 4.15 Javier Baez Jerseys seconds, when he grounded into a double play on July 28 in Milwaukee. Let's consider that the absolute fastest time that Heyward is capable of. Right away, we can see we're talking about a difference of about one-tenth of a second against a play where he ran through, so we already have a good idea that Heyward couldn't possibly go all that much faster. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts discuses how resilient the Cubs are as the Dodgers look to increase their series lead in Game 3 Still, let's compare Sunday's play to the Milwaukee play to show how it differed. Like on Sunday, Heyward was flying down the line in July, with a Sprint Speed of 29.4 ft/sec. These two Addison Russell Jerseys plays represented two of his four fastest Sprint Speed plays Anthony Rizzo Jerseys of the year, making them good comparisons. Sprint Speed expresses a player's top speed in his fastest one-second window, which is useful because it tells us where that top speed came. In July, his fastest one-second window came between 32 feet and two feet away from first, meaning he was going full speed into the bag. On Sunday, it came between 40 feet and 10 feet away from first, which makes sense: He wasn't running over the last few feet. Remember, though, the dive did gain him that extension. Put another way, Heyward's dive began 10 feet Anthony Rizzo Jerseys away from first, then he propelled himself forward with his left foot. It took him .36 seconds to reach first over the last 10 feet doing it that way. In July, running hard, it took him .32 seconds to complete the final 10 feet. Faster? Sure, ever so slightly. Enough to matter? Probably not; this was already about the fastest Heyward can go. Done correctly, a dive into first can be more effective than it seems (setting aside the usual injury concerns) and Heyward did it as close to correctly as can be done. The problem for him in Game 2 is Chicago Cubs Jerseys that there simply wasn't enough time, and that's more about a 67.5 mph grounder with a three percent Hit Probability than anything else. So what are you waiting for, stop your mouse, click here, refuel!