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  • “I think the most impressive thing for me is that 1-25 on our roster are making contributions when they need to…So that bodes well.” But, it’s not always a guarantee that a team, regardless of how well it performed in the regular season, will continue to do so in the postseason. The playoffs are just different. So far, the Astros have handled that transition seamlessly. “We haven't gotten too ahead of ourselves in any one game or any, or the fact that we're up 2-0,” said Astros manager A.J. Hinch. “I'm proud of that perspective. I think that's hard. “You Chicago Cubs Jerseys get to the postseason, there's a small tendency to want to do more, and we haven't. We have just Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys been ourselves. We have been loose. We have been putting up good at-bats. Our pitchers have been very convicted in their pitches. We have been executing a lot of different things. And that balance that we have been able to keep has been the big difference for us.” The Astros played their final four games of the regular season at Fenway, taking three, which may have helped with the transition into the postseason. “I think the first couple were like playoff games for us. Not so much New York Yankees jerseys about being at Fenway and now that we're back at Fenway, but just playing intense baseball the last week,” Hinch said. “The intensity of the baseball was exactly how it was at Minute Made in Game 1 and Game 2…Those games were really important from an intensity level when you're trying to get a team ready to play.” Now, the challenge is to continue that level of play. “We got to win another game, we got to continue to play like Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys we’ve been playing the first two games,” said catcher Brian McCann. “Everything starts with pitching and we’ve been getting really good starting pitching. Our Houston Astros Jerseys bullpen’s been phenomenal. We’ve been getting good at-bats one through nine. So just continue to do what we’ve been doing.” If you want to know more about 2017 world baseball information, see http://www.2017worldbaseballjersey.us, you can get it!