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  • How do I enter a donation received by my organization in QuickBooks?

    Well, the users of QuickBooks might face some technical issues related to it such as ‘unable to enter a donation entries in QuickBooks’ but the users have not to worry as we are discussing the solution over here with some instructions. The users are required to follow those instructions very strictly to resolve those issues and if they failed to do so or face some errors while following the instructions then  they have one more option to resolve the issue through QuickBooks customer care number +1-855-861-4161 where our technicians will assist them within a short span of time.

    The standard sales forms within QuickBooks Online can be adopted for entering the user’s donations. Which form to use will depend on how the users want to handle the donation.

    Note: If the users want to change the terminology for the title of the forms to Donation/Pledge, they can follow these steps:

    1. First of all the users are required to click the Gear icon > Company Settings/Account and Settings
    2. Go to the Sales tab on the left
    3. Click Customize Look and Feel
    4. Click Header and select Show Form Name
    5. Change the name of Invoices, Estimates/Quotes, and Sales Receipts to whatever you'd like

    When you receive a donation there are three ways of recording it:

    • To record the donation and have a printable receipt, use QuickBooks Sales Receipt feature (terminology for the title of this form can be changed to Donation):
      • Click Create (+) > Sales Receipt
    • If the users simply wish to record the donation, but do not need a printable receipt, they can use the New Deposit section from the Bank Deposit screen.
      • Click Create (+) > Bank Deposit
      • Go to the Add New Deposits section and fill out the necessary fields
    • Should the users desire to keep a running register for each donor, you will want to use the Invoice (terminology for the title of this form can be changed to whatever you'd like) and then Receive Payment feature. Using this process will run transactions through Accounts Receivable and therefore create a register for each donor.
      • To create an invoice: Click Create (+) Invoice
      • To create a receive payment: Click Create (+) > Receive Payment

    As we have observed that the users can resolve the issue by just following the instructions as we had given above. The users have to follow the steps very strictly or if they face some errors while following the steps then they can have assistance through QuickBooks customer care +1-855-861-4161 where technicians of level six will assist the users in resolving the issue within no time with accuracy.