How to Add, delete, or change a user's access in QuickBooks?

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    QuickBooks technical Support :If someone is the owner of a company and handling the software of QuickBooks then you must be needed to manage all the users and might face technical issues while adding, deleting or editing the users in that software for managing that. Well, no need to worry as we are providing the solution for the users where they have to follow the instructions as given below with all steps and their issues will be resolved. If they face some error while following the instructions then one more option for them in the form of QuickBooks technical Support +1-855-861-4161 where our skilled technicians will assist them in resolving the issues.

    We are mentioning the process for directions on how to transfer the Master Administrator Role.

    Add a New User

    1. First the Administrator of the software have to choose Gear Icon > Manage Users.
    2. After that click the New button at the bottom-right.
    3. Now they have to select which type of user you'd like them to be, and then click on Next.
    4. (Regular/customer user only): after that they are required select what access rights you'd like them to have, click Next 
    5. (Regular/customer user only): not it’s time to set the users admin rights, click on Next.
    6. In this step they are required to enter the new user's e-mail address and their name, click Next and then Finish. 

    When the administrator will click on Finish button then an e-mail will be sent to the new user. Now the new user is required to read the e-mail, and then click on the link that says Click Here. If they already have a QuickBooks Online user ID and password then they can use it or if they don’t have then this is where they create their user ID and password.

    Note: The user will not be not be able to accept this invitation from the mobile app; they are required to accept the invitation through the email link.


    Delete a User

    1. In this process the users have to first choose Gear Icon > Manage Users.
    2. After that they have to highlight the name of the user they wish to delete.
    3. They can find on the bottom right of that field and click on Delete.
    4. The users will now receive this message: Are you sure you want to delete?
    5. They have to just click on Yes

    Note: If the administrator will delete a user the history in the activity log for the user will remain.


    Change a user's access rights

    1. For this process the administrator have to choose Gear icon > Manage Users.
    2. They have to highlight the user's name whose access rights they are changing.
    3. After that on the bottom right, they have to click Edit.
    4. After that they will find on the top right, then click on Change.
    5. They are required to read through the user types and select the type of access they had like this user to have, then click on Next.
    6. Now click on Finish when complete.
    7. Click Save.
    8. After that if they have to sign out and then sign back in to see the change in access rights.


    As we can see that by following the instructions the users can resolve their issue as mentioned. It might be possible that the users may face some errors while following the process and failed to resolve the errors. Well, they have not to worry as we have another option in the form of QuickBooks technical support number +1-855-861-4161 where our skilled technicians will assist them in resolving their issues without any hassle.