How to Do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks !!

  • How to Do Payroll Checks in QuickBooks!!

    Quickbooks customer support:Well, from where to start writing about a software which is already made is place in the market as well established Brand. QuickBooks is an accounting software which can be used to manage the accounts for the user’s business. We can’t compare this software with any other software in the world as it has various features which can be utilized by the users. The users can maintain the payroll of their all employees from anywhere in the world. QuickBooks is a perfect option for the small scale industries. It is quite simple to use the software yet the users face some technical issues in it such as ‘unable to maintain paychecks in QuickBooks’. We are discussing the same issue over here with its solution. We are providing the instructions with step by step. The users are required to follow the instructions and can resolve the issues. If in any case the users face any error while following the instruction they have an option to resolve the issues through QuickBooks customer support number +1-855-861-4161.


    Process of the solution:


    1. The users are required to navigate to the Employee Center of QuickBooks by selecting the "Employee Center".
    2. Now the users have to click on “New Employee” to enter new employee information if they have any new employees. Now they have to fill in the form which will generate under the “Personal” tab.
    3. After the previous step the users have to select “Payroll and Compensation Info” from the drop-down list which is above the “Personal” tab and enter the information.
    4. It time to choose the pay period from the “Pay Frequency” drop-down list. The users have to select a pay schedule for the employee under the same tab.
    5. Now the users are required to click the “Taxes” button and under the “Federal” tab enter the information from their employee's W-4 form. After that tap on the “State” tab to enter information about the state taxes required in their state and on the same pattern click on Local tab.
    6. After completing the fifth steps the users are required to tap on the “Employee” link at the top of the page and scroll down to “Pay Employees” and then again click “Scheduled Payroll” andchoose the scheduled payroll they want to print from the drop-down box.
    7. We are towards final steps to resolve the issue now be careful. Now the users have to enter the date accordingly.
    8. After the previous steps the users have to select the bank they want to draw the payroll checks on from the drop-down selection box and then run payroll.
    9. Yes final step is about to come now the users have to check the list of active employees to make it sure that only those employees should be listed who will get payment and then click the “Continue” button.
    10. Now here we are, it’s time to click “Print Paychecks” and then select “Print Paychecks”. Enter the first check number to print in the “Print Checks” dialog box and then click “OK.”
    11. Yes this is it now the users have to select the type of check forms they are using in the check style area and click on the “Print” option and after the all of the paychecks for the current pay period will now print.


    As we can see that the users who were facing the issue while printing the Paychecks can find the solution over here. The users are required to follow the instructions very carefully as each step is very important. Even if a single step is missed the solution will not be possible. Well, it might be possible that the users can face some errors while following the instruction so for that we have solution too where the users can contact to third party QuickBooks online support number +1-855-861-4161 to resolve the issue.