How to Select LED Flood Light 400W?

  • LED Flood lights are eco-friendly and offer energy savings of up to 80%. The flood light 400W helps to illuminate both outdoor and indoor spaces from 5 meters to 30 meters or greater. You need to select Stadium Flood lights with an IP rating of at least IP65.

    The LED lights are useful for applications including stage lighting, city landscape lighting, advertisement board lighting, sports lighting, building lighting and tunnel lighting. You need to consider buying LED lights of the reputed brand for your stadium, industry, college or home lighting. Main parts in LED lights include a heat sink, driver, LED and LED fixture. Reputed brands use good quality items in the manufacture of LED lights. Reputed brand LED lights also come with 5 year warranty. You can buy LED lights with peace of mind.

    Many people prefer to buy LED lights from local shops of any brand at reduced rates. Such cheap brands may not offer the desired brightness. You need to check the lumens output of the LED light instead of wattage.  The next thing is a good quality fixture for low or no maintenance costs of LED lights. It is suggested to LED lights that offer cool white light since warm white lights dissipate some heat.

    You can choose 120 W LED lights for the driveway, medium patio, small garden and building façade. It is suggested to choose 250W LED lights for large patio and medium gardens. The LED flood lights 400W are ideal for industrial loading bay, car parks, ports and for stadium lighting.  LED flood lights withstand vibration and shock. LED lights are long durable because of higher lifespan.

    Where to buy Stadium Flood Lights?

    You can buy LED lights for your stadium lighting, industrial usage and ports etc from reputed online stores. You need to read specifications of the light, mounting angles, cool or warm light, shock and vibration resistance, and suitable for operation in adverse weather conditions. It should come with antiglare technology to ensure clear identification of the ball and players etc in the sports field.

    It is necessary to compare prices of LED lights at various online stores and choose good quality lights available at reduced rates. You can also look for the free shipping option to save on shipping charges. Most of the online stores offer 10 day free replacement. You can return the defective lights and claim a refund within 10 days of receipt.  It is suggested to read the fine print before placing an order.

    Dimmable and directional lights are preferred for stadium lighting and for security needs in ports and industries. It helps to dim the lights when not required and save energy bill. The directional lighting also prevents wastage of light.

    You can seek the help of a local contractor to choose the desired number of lights for your stadium lighting and industrial lighting needs. The local contractor also has contacts with local stores to buy LED lights at reduced rates and also save on shipping costs. The contractor will also help to choose the LED lights of a reputed brand for long durability.


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