Save On Monthly Electricity Bills with LED Lights 1000 Watts

  • LED lights are eco-friendly and highly efficient light source for all of your lighting needs. In the earlier days, people were depending on incandescent lights that draw more power and hence the higher energy bill. CFL lamps were offered a cheaper alternative to the incandescent lights.

    Now, the trend is changed towards the highly efficient LED lights. LED Lights 1000 Watts deliver more lumens when compared to the traditional incandescent lights. Its features include low heat dissipation, reduced energy usage, highly efficient lighting. It does not cause any impact on the environment when the LED lights are discarded.

    The Lighting accounts for approximately 30% of the household expenses in India. It is the right time to change over to highly efficient and energy-saving LED lights.

    Benefits of LED Lights

    LED lights are manufactured using the solid aluminum body. They have no filament. Hence, they are long durable and maintenance free.

    Though LED lights are expensive, you can recover the cost over a period of time by means of energy savings. The average life of an LED bulb is more than 50,000 hours. So, it usually lasts for around 15 years without any additional spending.

    LED chips are provided with metal heat sinks to take away the heat. You will not feel hotter even if the light is ON for the whole night.

    It is environment friendly. Carbon emissions from LED lights are much lesser and safeguard the environment. It switches on instantly.

    LED lights are available with dimming option. You can reduce the light and save energy and switch ON when necessary.

    LEDs are offered in various colors for decoration needs in homes, offices and industrial establishments.

    LED lights are low wattage option when compared to metal halide option and save energy bill. It is almost maintenance free since you do not have to replace the ballasts and bulbs. It ensures uniform lighting even with multiple emitters. It reduces the dark spots and improves security.

    LED Stadium Lights

    Factors to consider for LED Stadium lights include rugged exterior, precise aiming, and longevity. The fixtures for LED Lights 1000 Watts are sturdy. It provides the illumination in the desired direction of the stadium.

    Fixtures for LED flood lights include floodlights focus, floodlights ace and floodlights core for vertical and horizontal illumination.

    Continuous heat reduces the lifespan of LED lights. Hence, heat dissipation systems are developed using aluminum fins. You can choose the LED light fixtures for 1000 Watts, 400 Watts or 200 Watts LED lights for your stadium lighting needs.

    Advantages of LED lights for the stadium are modular design, low weight, enhanced ground reach level, and improved heat dissipation system.

    You can easily find 1000 Watts LED lights in Ace LED flood lights series for your stadium lighting needs at affordable rates. They come with a luminosity level of 140 lm/W. It comes with less spillage and without glare. It consumes 80% less energy when compared to traditional flood lights.

    You can seek the help of a professional contractor to buy LED stadium lights and correct fixtures at reduced rates from a local store.


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