Know and keep away from the foods that trigger acid reflux

  • What causes acid reflux? Truly speaking, there is no any particular or sole cause for acid reflux. There are several factors that trigger acid reflux. Though, it is difficult to keep away from certain factors, some causes of acid reflux can be easily averted.

    It is, certainly, difficult to avoid certain medical conditions like diabetes or pregnancy that are known for causing acid reflux. However, acid reflux can be controlled by using the antacids or the home remedies. Also, it can be can be effectively controlled by following the proper diet plan for acid reflux.

    Hiatal hernia is one of the most notorious acid reflux causes. And, if the issue intensifies, it becomes essential to visit the physician and treat with proper medication.

    Obesity is the cause of various diseases including acid reflux. The overweight people not only fall prey to various disorders or diseases, but simultaneously, they also feel great discomfort in doing daily activities. The people suffering from obesity and facing the issue of acid reflux are required to follow the proper diet plan along with medicines and some light physical exercise.

    Overeating or consuming heavy meals is also one of the most common acid reflux causes. The chances are higher when heavy meals are eaten before bedtime. The chances of acid reflux increase if a person lies down just after taking a meal. So, eating in small amounts and avoiding the bed just after meal can reduce the chances of acid reflux to a great extent.

    Alcohol is a dangerous enemy for the acid reflux patients. Red wine triggers acid reflux more than any other alcoholic beverages and if you suffer from acid reflux; you need to be careful. If possible, you can should drink alcohol in limit or totally abstain from it.

    Smoking is not only dangerous for mouth, throat, and lungs etc, but simultaneously, it is also a culprit to cause acid reflux. It may be hard to quit smoking, but one should remember that nothing is impossible if the determination is strong.

    There are certain food items that cause acid reflux. In fact, many of the people suffer from acid reflux due to their ignorance towards such foods that cause acid reflux. So, for the people desiring to avoid acid reflux, it is essential to know those food items and avoid their consumption.

    Avoiding the foods that cause acid reflux

    The prescription medicines and the home remedies for acid reflux would render the long lasting effects only if certain foods that trigger acid reflux are avoided. It is, therefore, equally important to know such food items and keep them off the menu. Though, the list can be quite a long one; the most common triggers are:

    • Citrus fruits like orange, grapefruits, pineapple, and tomato etc.
    • Fatty and spicy foods
    • Carbonated drinks and caffeinated food products
    • Fried foods
    • Creamed foods
    • Alcoholic beverages and specially the red wine
    • Dairy products with high fat
    • Chocolates and chocolate products
    • Whole milk
    • Peppermint and spearmint

    Many may feel sad to know the list of the foods that trigger acid reflux, but it is essential to avoid if one desires to keep acid reflux at bay.

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