Reflux Disease Causes and Reflux Diet

  • Are you feeling chest pain or bitter taste at the back of your tongue? Well, the hiccup, sore throat, whizzing, and dry cough etc are indicative of acid reflux. If you feel the stomach acid going up to your throat and you feel some sort of sour or bitter taste, it is possible that you are suffering from acid reflux. You may have consumed something that caused acid reflux in you. Amidst various reflux disease causes, one is the food you consume. Besides hiatal hernia, pregnancy, obesity, and certain medical conditions, what plays a significant part in causing acid reflux is the food. You can see below the list of some food items that are notorious for causing reflux disease:

    • Fatty and spicy foods: If you love spicy foods and give in to the desires of your tongue; you may not like to hear that the fatty and spicy foods are one of the reflux diseases causes. It does not mean that one should completely stop consuming such food, but that one should observe limits.
    • Caffeinated and carbonated drinks: The coffee lovers may find it this information annoying, but nothing can be done except avoiding or observing some limit. The caffeinated drinks like coffee and the carbonated drinks like soda and other cold drinks cause acid reflux. The acid reflux patients, therefore, need to be cautious.
    • Citrus fruits and products: The citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and the related products trigger acid reflux.
    • Chocolates: Chocolate containing caffeine acts as a trigger for acid reflux.
    • Alcohol and smoking: The patients of acid reflux need to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking as these are one of the most common reflux diseases causes.

    Also, the dairy products with high fat, and various spices and food items like raw onions, garlic, and black pepper etc contribute in catalyzing acid reflux and it is wise to avoid them.

    Ideal diet to counter acid reflux

    As seen above, various foods trigger acid reflux, and it is certainly sad to know for many food lovers. However, the great news here is that the acid reflux can be duly countered by taking the perfect reflux diet. But it would not be possible unless you know how to prepare the diet for acid reflux.

    Foods to fight acid reflux

    Certain food items are very much helpful in reducing the chances of acid reflux. Inclusion of these food items in the diet can do a lot to eliminate the symptoms of acid reflux. 

    • Vegetables: Being low in fat, the vegetables are very much helpful in fighting acid reflux. The vegetables like green beans, potatoes, broccoli, leafy greens, asparagus, and cauliflower etc can be helpful to reduce and eliminate acid reflux.
    • Oatmeal: Rich in fiber, oatmeal can duly fight acid reflux. Making it the part of reflux diet can help you de-escalate the chances of GERD.
    • Non-citrus fruits: The non-citrus fruits like melons, pears, apples, and bananas etc are effective in fighting reflux.

    Also, the ginger, lean meats, egg whites, green salad, fennel, parsley, celery, and bulgur wheat and brown rice etc are good at countering acid reflux and one can reap great benefits by including them in reflux diet.

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