GERD diseases causes and symptoms

  • No disease or disorders can be treated unless they are identified or diagnosed. The failure in identification of symptoms can lead to wrong treatments, and this may further complicate the issue. So, whether you are suffering from acid reflux or some other disease is a matter of primary concern. Before resorting to any kind of treatment, it is essential to know the symptoms and diagnose the. There are various GERD disease symptoms, and you can see below some most common symptoms:

    • Heartburn: Heartburn is felt when stomach acid splashes into the esophagus. Sometimes, this lasts longer than expected, and becomes more intense at times. Some people mistake it for heart attack. However, it must be noted that the heartburn or chest pain due to the acid reflux occurs after consuming food, and the pain may intensify while resting.
    • Regurgitation: A bitter or sour taste at the back of the tongue can be felt when regurgitation occurs. This is the taste of the stomach acid indicating the occurrence of the acid reflux.
    • Dysphasia: You may feel narrowing of your esophagus creating the feeling of some sensation of something or some food stuck in your throat.
    • Black or bloody stool or vomiting: These are also the indications of GERD disease and it is required to take essential steps to treat.
    • Dry cough and hoarseness: Some people may mistake it for cold. Dry cough, hoarseness in the throat, chronic sore throat, dry cough, and wheezing etc are some most common GERD disease symptoms and you should not ignore them.

    Nausea, hiccups, sudden weight loss without any obvious reasons, burping, and bloating etc also are some known symptoms of GERD disease and due care should be taken when such symptoms are felt.

    Causes of GERD disease

    Acid reflux is triggered by various causes. Here are some most obvious GERD disease causes:

    • Hiatal Hernia: The hiatal Hernia or faulty lower esophageal sphincter causes acid reflux. The faulty valve fails to stop the stomach acid from splashing up to the throat and this causes acid reflux.
    • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, some women may fall pretty to acid reflux due to the extra weight and pressure in the stomach.
    • Overeating: Taking large meals or overeating causes acid reflux.
    • Citrus foods: Food items rich in citrus, such as tomato and orange etc cause GERD.
    • Fatty and spicy food items: Be the diary products high in fat or the meat products with high fat; they cause acid reflux and it is better to keep them off the table if you suffer from acid reflux.
    • Carbonated or caffeinated food items: The carbonated drinks such as soda and Pepsi etc cause GERD. Also, caffeinated drinks such as coffee trigger acid reflux. The caffeinated food products such as chocolate also escalate the chances of acid reflux.
    • Alcoholic beverages and Smoking: Alcoholic beverage and particularly red wine is considered to be one of the most known GERD disease causes. Also, smoking is a notorious culprit to trigger GERD.

    Snacking or eating before bedtime, obesity, and certain medications such as blood pressure medications and aspirin etc also cause acid reflux.

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