What foods to avoid for acid reflux

  • Who comes victorious in a tug of war between the tongue and the tummy? Generally, it is the tongue that wins the war more often. People refrain from eating something the taste of which is not favorable to their tongue. For instance, the bitter gourd may have several health boosting elements, but not all like it as it tastes bitter. Likewise, the chocolate lovers may find it irresistible even if they suffer from acid reflux. The food consumed is directly related to the health and one needs to be cautious towards what to eat and what not. It is an open truth that certain foods cause acid reflux symptoms. And, if you frequently and severely suffer from acid reflux, it is wise to keep them off the table. 

    Avoiding foods that catalyze acid reflux

    Eating foods that cause acid reflux is somewhat like pestering a sleeping snake. Several foods cause acid reflux symptoms, and one of the best ways to maintain a safe distance from acid reflux is to keep those foods out of the menu. However, for this, one must have the knowledge of such foods. Here are some such foods:

    • Chocolate: It may be a bad news for chocolate lovers, but health is above all and the acid reflux patients must bear this in mind. As it contains caffeine and various other acid reflux stimulants like theobromine; it should be voided. Also, it is high in cocoa that causes acid reflux.
    • Carbonated drinks: The modern life without carbonated drinks may appear to be hard, but it better to avoid it in favor of good health. Drinks like Pepsi, Tab, Soda, and Coke etc stimulate acid reflux.
    • Citrus fruits and fruit products: Citrus fruits are notorious for increasing the stomach acid level causing acid reflux. The citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and their products should be kept out of the list. Tomato may enhance the taste of any food item, but it is not at all suitable for acid reflux patients.
    • Fried foods: If you love fried foods and you are eager to know what foods to avoid for acid reflux, you would, surely, to some extent, feel frustrated to find the fried foods in the list. However, health is above everything and it is better to learn controlling your eating preferences.
    • Meat and dairy products with high fat: Whether it is the meat or the dairy products, if they are high in fat; they not at all good for the people suffering from acid reflux. It is not that one should completely stop consuming, but that it is advisable to limit them.
    • Caffeine: Caffeine triggers acid reflux. Any product that contains caffeine is not good for acid reflux. However, it does not mean that one should completely stop drinking coffee. What one requires is to again, consume such products in a controlled manner.

    Also, the alcoholic beverages are known to trigger acid reflux and one should change the lifestyle in case of frequent acid reflux. However, it is not enough to know what foods to avoid for acid reflux. What is required is to know these food items and avoid or limit the consumption.

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