Pokemon Mega : Pokemon online game ever kept you from being int

  • not the first to do this. Pikachu online franchises such as Yōkai Watch and Monster Hunter, both of which draw heavily on Shinto mythology themselves, have similarly launched offline congregations of devotees, who meet in real life cafes and parks to complete online missions in tandem. And location-based mobile games such as Bot Fighters have been popular since the early 2000s.
    With X and Y, however, the series has made the graphical leap from using sprites to polygons. The 3DS games look different from anything ever seen in a Pokemon game before, both in the field and while in battle. A full 3D view is given in battles, circling around like a camera covering a sporting event. If the graphics of a Pokemon game ever kept you from being interested, look no further than Pokemon X and Y to correct that.
    Since Pokemon arrived 20 years ago (has it been that long already?) kids of all ages have been captivated by these glorious creatures. With the help of AR, GPS and a Google maps-esque layout, avid trainers can now hunt their favourite Pokemon in real life (almost).
    Is there any chance we'd ever get starters that aren't grass, water or fire type?
    The little critters are all here and part of the appeal of the game is that it hits the nostalgia sweet spot for adults. Those of us who battled with Pikachu & co on the Instantfuns in the 90s can relate to the youngsters discovering the world for the first time.
    We also have the ability to directly interact with your Pokemon in a special mode—to pet it, feed it—which made it feel like Instantfuns got dragged into Pokemon. I was hesitant to pet my Pokemon, to be honest—but mostly because I couldn't help but feel it would make it harder for me to pick Pokemon based on how useful they are and instead start sticking to Pokemon I found cute and endearing. Pokemon I'd want to pet. I know that's a good thing, but gah! There also came a moment where Chespin, my starter Pokemon, started making faces at me while in this mode —and I was kind of startled to find it was expecting me to make the faces back at it! Apparently, the camera can tell if you're making the right facial expressions. Wow.

    Pokemon Mega sent gamers into a frenzy when a rare Vaporeon appeared in Central Park, causing absolute chaos.

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