The most attractive places of Tanzania

  • My name is Robert I am a freelancer who provides solving math problems for students from different parts of the World. As a freelancer I can work while traveling, hence I do travell a lot. Recently I`ve been to Tanzania, and in this article I prepared for you some of the most remarkable places of it.

    Ruaha National Park

    Locals call their favorite Ruaha National Park. Its area - more than 10,000 square kilometers. Here you will find a beautiful hilly landscape and many animals - elephants, hyenas, African wild dogs, leopards, foxes. On the other parks Ruaha is characterized in that it has a large and plain, and the rugged mountains and peaceful lakes.

    The landscape is decorated with the usual for these places baobabs - mystical and a little arrogant. You can spend the night at Ruaha park - but it will cost you a fortune, about a thousand dollars. If you decide to stay outside the park, you can save well, but it will still live in the wild!


    Be sure to visit this place. It also has the status of a national park in 1992 because of the Dutch Prince Bernhard. He walked to the waterfall along the trail, later named in his honor. This is the shortest way - and this is no accident, because at the time of the opening of the park Prince was 82 years old, and health did not allow him to climb the mountains. Visit the waterfalls Sanger .


    Moving further south, you will find yourself on the shores of Lake Nyasa (also known as Lake Malawi). The mathematical On the beach you can relax in the shade of the trees with a bottle of cold Coke in hand, occasionally making a refreshing swim. Be careful if you decide to rent a boat. Being on the water, you may get severe sunburn.

    After a rest, head to the mountain waterfall. Do not try to find it without the help of a guide - you can not find the trail. You will have to overcome rocks and thickets of plants, which is not too easy for inexperienced climbers.

    However, getting to the waterfall, you will realize that it was worth it. Water breaks down from a height of over 30 meters and falls into the lagoon, where you can dive in and wash away all the fatigue. Do not hurry - after all the way back will be as heavy.

    In Tanzania, people speak Swahili. Therefore, a phrase book - a mandatory thing. Locals will appreciate your efforts.