Unable to reset Forgotten Password in Yahoo Email

  • How one can deal the situation when users forgot their password in Yahoo Email. Well, this is quite a frustrating to forget the password and unable to reset that but the users have not to worry as we are providing the complete solution with the process with some instructions step by step over here to resolve their issue. In case the users failed to do so then they have one more option to resolve their issue through Yahoo Customer Support +1-800-721-0104 where they will be assisted by our well qualified and skilled technicians to resolve their issues. 

    Process for the solution:

    The users have to use the Sign-in Helper to reset their Yahoo password and can get backtheir account. We are keeping account security, and due to that we'll only display some of the options below.


    1. In the beginning the users are required to visit to the official page of Yahoo Sign-in Helper.
    2. After that they have to enter their phone number or email address.
    3. In continuation they have to click on Continue.
    4. There might be a prompt for entering the CAPTCHA code.
    5. If the users can receive text messages to the number listed, then they have to click on Yes, text me an Account Key. If they have an access to their email address listed with Yahoo, then click on Yes, send me an Account Key.
    6. Well, it depends on the users which option they had chosen, Yahoo will send an Account Key to the respective phone or email.
    7. Now the users are required to enter the Account Key that Yahoo sent in the field provided, then click on Verify.
    8. The users now have to select an account to reset from the list connected to their mobile number or email address.
    9. Click Continue.

    Forgot Yahoo Password Use Your Secret Questions

    Note: If the users don't have secret questions on file then reset option won't be available in Sign-in Helper. Also, they have to remember it that the system will determine which of the secret questions will be made available for the users.


    1. If the users have forgotten their Yahoo Email password and want to use their security questions, then they have to visit over to Yahoo's Contact page and then select Password and sign in
    2. Now the users are required to select Forgot Password, under Recommended Option, they have to enter their email address and then click on Submitoption. 
    3. After that the users are required to click on Nextoption and thenif they will be prompted, then enter the CAPTCHA code. 
    4. Now it’s time to select Use my secret questions, and after that followed by Nextand then they have to enter the answers to their security questions. 
    5. If entered correctly, Yahoo will prompt you to enter a new password. Enter your new password and click on Next to finish their password recovery. 

    As we have observed that the users can resolve their issues which they facing before the starting of this process and after following the instructions they can easily resolve their all issue related to the topic. One things which user are required to keep in mind that they have to follow the instructions very strictly and even if they failed to resolve the issue or they face some errors while following the instructions then they have one more option to resolve their issue through Yahoo Technical Support +1-800-721-0104 where our skilled technicians will assist them in resolving the issues within a short span of time.