Tips on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Display Screen Replacements


    The Galaxy Note 4 provides us superior version experience to the previous models. This large-size screen cellphone features on high clarity display screen and good quality operation system. Since Samsung Note 4 model are great on both internal and external, maintain of the display is really important. We will make a brief about display screen of this model as well as guide on replacement, hope it can be helpful if you are concern about your Samsung Note 4 Screen Replacements.


    Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display screen


    When compared to the Note 3, this Samsung phone also offers a 5.7’ screen, providing little to no difference in the overall size and weight of the Note 4. The Note 4 comes with a brand new, re-designed S Pen that is said to work more like a real pen than just a simple stylus. In terms of the overall design of this Samsung phone, it is available in all of the previous models colors such as black, white and pink, now with a brand new copper gold color. The back panel of the phablet itself is still a soft-textured cover, but now incorporates a premium metal frame for additional protection.


    The Galaxy Note 4 and Edge, boasts a superior screen display. With a pretty impressive Quad HD Super AMOLED (2,560 x 1,440 resolution) that stretches to 500 pixels per inch. To put it in perspective, Note 4 and Edge both have four times the usual HD resolution. They also announced the adaptive display that automatically adjusts the screen display depending on the brightness of ambient light. It lets your phone to adapt to any environment and still be able to use it efficiently. Design wise, Samsung maintains its stand in having 5.7 inch screen display for Note 4 and a 5.6 inch screen for Note Edge. Both have metal frames, and a 2.5 D glass front. The 2.5D glass is a slightly beveled glass front panel, with edges and corners that protrude upwards to give an impression of floating slightly above the screen.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LCD Screen Replacement Guide


    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may encounter some problems someday such as crack front glass after a drop, break LCD screen by accident, screen water damaged unluckily or display gets old and can’t use any more. At that time, what only you can do to save your phone is to replace cracked Galaxy Note 4 screen and get the phone back. Here is the clear and simple repair guide especially for you to fix broken Galaxy Note 4.


    To repair your Samsung Note 4, you should have the complete tool set ready. There should be heat gun or hair dryer, spudger, guitar pick and 3M double side tape at least on your hands. You can purchase a tool kit from hardware store beforehand. When the tools are ready, than is the steps of following the guide below: 


    1. Heat the LCD screen as a low degree such as less than 85℃ because there is adhesive sticker under screen but not strong. Also, you can give up heating and cut the adhesive with effort.

    2. Cut LCD screen adhesive sticker slowly and carefully to avoid breaking touch panel.

    3. Cut adhesive on the middle part and bottom part underneath. Read the “Notice” below when you do this step.

    4. Release the connectors including S Pen sensor film connector and LCD screen connector.

    5. Remove LCD screen finally.


    To be noticed, the adhesive sticker under the LCD screen is in the red scale. It’s strong. You’d better not over pass the scale a lot when cut the adhesive or you will break the flex. When you insert into the metal spudger from right side, the part in would better be handled in 2.2cm. Because there is navigation button flex near. The same reason, when you insert into the metal spudger from left side to cut the adhesive, the part in would control within 4.4cm. As for the top side, your spudger would better stop before the LCD screen flex. And leave about 4cm distance from top side alone. When deal with the bottom side, we need to be very careful with the touch keys.


    When you place the new Samsung Galaxy LCD screen replacement, you not only need LCD screen sticker but also need some 3M double side tape sticking on the red scale or the screen will not be stable very much. If you find the steps above complicated, we suggest you go to a repair store. There you can have your display screen replaced from someone export. But first, you should choose a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LCD display replacement screen in good quality grade. Your digitizer screen replaced Samsung Note 4 would be looked as a new purchased one.