Suggestions on Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD Display Screen replacement


    Samsung Galaxy S6 brought us a great outside look and operational system device, which made us so eager to purchase one form Samsung store. Samsung brand’s new products will not let us down and we trust it. As to the repair, while, there are some aspects we should know about it. Here we make a brief on Samsung S5’s screen repair and suggestions on keep it on maintenance.   


    Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


    The Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone and boasts an eight-core, 2.1GHz processor paired with 3GB of RAM. Its camera has the same 16MP resolution as the Galaxy S5, but the S6 gets a new lens with optical image stabilization, a larger f/1.9 maximum aperture and a wider 28mm-equivalent focal length.


    There’s also an improved, wide-angle front-facing camera to capture group shots without a selfie stick, and the 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen’s resolution is now 2560 x 1440 pixels. The only thing that can trump these figures is the S6’s Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) video recording ability.


    Samsung has also given the design of the S6 a makeover compared to the S5, but if you really want to stand out, then there’s always the Galaxy S6 Edge. This is almost the same as a regular S6, but features a screen with curved edges for more wow factor and a few extra screen features. However, there are still some aspects we should be aware of on Samsung Galaxy S6’s daily use.


    Samsung Galaxy S6 Easily Broken Parts


    Recently, many users have got their Samsung Galaxy S6 in hands. And maybe they have prepared a complete set of protecting plan for the new coming such as glass screen protector and case and so on. Here we’d like to list top 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 easily broken parts as our prediction and repair experience, which aims at providing the basis to your protection system.


    Back cover: As we all know, Samsung applies Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel on Galaxy S6 instead of cheap plastic. It’s really the first time on Samsung history, which brings a lot surprise to their fans. But after consulting Sony Xperia Z series devices which love glass back cover very much, we worried a lot about the hardness of Samsung Galaxy S6 glass back cover and regard it as the first position of easily broken parts. So here, we suggest the users except the ones like naked phone that prepare a case for Samsung Galaxy S6.


    Camera lens: For pursuing thinner body but better camera, many brands have to agree the design of protruding camera. So does Samsung Galaxy S6, which really gives us the doubt that if Samsung Galaxy S6 camera lens will crack easily just like S5? Easily broken Samsung Galaxy S5 camera lens has been a hot topic on forum and many users were asking the solution to the cracked camera glass. We suggest our Samsung Galaxy S6 owners be careful with the camera lens. It’s not an easy problem to fix any more.


    LCD screen: Samsung galaxy S6 LCD screen always is the important but weak part. We have saw many tragedies happened on the screen after long time use such as cracked front glass, non-responsive touch, broken display LCD and yellowish or blue display. And no matter how high quality of Samsung Galaxy S6 screen, it can’t win from such kinds of accidents as heavy impact and water damage.


    USB charging port: Samsung Galaxy S6 USB charging port will be used once a day at least. We always think that the part being used often is easier to break. According to the Samsung Galaxy S series repair experience, replacing USB board to fix can’t charge and can’t sync data problems will be more and more later. What’s more, it’s said Samsung Galaxy S6 has wireless charging function, maybe can reduce USB break rate.


    Mid-frame: Samsung Galaxy S6 mid-frame is the last part that we worried. Though it’s made of aluminum, it still has the possibility to dent and scratch. Especially take Galaxy Note 4 mid-frame as example, many users reflected the metal mid-frame is too weak even scratched when remove a case. If Samsung Galaxy S6 mid-frame strong enough now? We are waiting for the replies from users. And use a case may be a not bad idea to protect mid-frame unless it will hurt your phone.


    Suggestion on Samsung S6 screen replacement


    Since the Samsung Galaxy S6 display screen is special and easy broken, we need to take good measures on protecting our cellphone screen. If it is really unavoidable and crack carelessly, we suggest you to make Samsung Galaxy S6 display screen replacement in a professional and reputable repair store. You can choose high quality replacement LCD screen on the store and get it fixed. You Samsung S5 will look new again after screen replaced.