Dubai Turn Into The Most Visiting City

  • The freshly released MasterCard International, Destination Cities Index appearances that Dubai has up to fourth position out of 132 top destinations for global travelers behind London, Paris and Bangkok - a one-place rise since 2014 figures.

    Generally, Dubai has up from the eighth position in 2012 with MasterCard predicting that the Emirate can welcome virtually 14.3 million international tourists in 2015, a ratio of 5.7 international overnight tourists per city resident. Tourist can easily rent a car in Dubai. Plenty of companies are providing safe and sound ride to the tourist.

    In addition, official figures discharged  by Dubai’s Department of touristy & Commerce Marketing in May of this year presented that the emirate welcomed 13.2 international overnight visitors in 2014.

    MasterCard declaration came days after Dubai reserved its top ranking in the Middle East district for worldwide association summits, and ascended 19 places worldwide to the 44th position in the 2014 International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) World Rankings - up from 63rd place in 2013.

    The ICCA positions are considered the most reliable and constant standard on how individual destinations which host international association conference. International groups and connotations frequently use ICCA positions to measure the event hosting capability of a city they may desire to host events in.

    In terms of international summits, Dubai had further news to rejoice, as the Union of International Association (UIA) declared in a recently issued report that Dubai made huge rises in the number of international conferences hosted. Hosting 146 international seminars in 2014, compared to 80 in 2013, Dubai hopped from 21st position to 14th internationally.

    Commenting on Dubai’s increasing demand to international leisure and professional guests, Dubai Tourism Director General Helal Almarri specified “Dubai as a destination is ever evolving in order to create unforgettable experiences for its visitors through first-class structure, outstanding service and extraordinary temptations which are persuasive and tempt guests to coming back.

    “Even though the MasterCard positions are projecting, they do rough estimations of upcoming development and are a pure demo of Dubai’s constant increase as a worldwide destination of choice.

    “With respects to professional travel, the advance in the number of get-togethers and discussions being hosted in Dubai are knowingly contributing to the increase in guest figures while also locating the emirate as an international hub for creation, edification and revolution.”

    As global meetings in the city remain to increase, so do the number of global tourists who is choosing to visit Dubai. The city greeted 13.2 million global overnight tourists in 2014, an 8.4% rise over 2013. The tenacity of visits, although ruled by relaxation at 59%, saw over 21% visiting for the professional, and another 17% visiting families and/or folks.

    Structure is also predictable to begin later this year with the growth of Dubai’s second airport, Al Maktoum International in Dubai World Central (DWC). The current six million travelers per year capacity terminal is set to be to be enlarged to 26 million travelers per year by Q1 in 2017, as part of a US$32 billion development project declared in September 2014 to make the world’s major airport, with definitive ability in extra of 200 million travelers per year.