Students must be very careful about their studies

  • Most students who make the effort of attending college are those who are actually serious about their studies and education. However many students who initially are quite focused and determined, end up losing track later in their college life.


    So college students should be extremely careful and cautious about the people that they spend their time with in college. This is because peer pressure matters a lot, no matter if one considers its negative effects or not. The truth is that peer pressure does subconsciously affects a student’s thoughts in one way or the other. Well whatever else that students choose to do, they should at least first make sure to make studies their priority. Those who do not do this, feel the need to take help from for their essays. Such an attitude might bring good assignment grades to a student, however students do have to make good revision in order to nail their exams. A good assignments score and a bad exams score, will overall result in a bad GPA.


    Most part of a student’s GPA is composed of the exam scores even though the assignment grades are important. While the exam scores compose around 70% of the GPA, assignment scores add to the rest of it.