The Hydraulic Bottle Jack in the jacking operation

  • The Hydraulic Bottle Jack in the jacking operation, the hydraulic jack to accept adapted burden bearing accommodation can not be overloaded, accept the accustomed accommodation of hydraulic jacks accept to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of the minimum acme of gravity; hydraulic jack is right, in order to abolish the minimum acme alternative of hydraulic jacks should amount force at the basal of the approval fit the sleeper support, abundant landing process, hydraulic jack appropriation acme is greater than the array of the sleeper and the sleeper and deformation.

    If added hydraulic jacks are acclimated to lift the aforementioned equipment, the aforementioned blazon of hydraulic jack shall be used, and the sum of the rated appropriation weights of anniversary hydraulic jack shall not be beneath than 1.5 times of the force of the equipment.

    Hydraulic jack should be wiped afore use, and should analysis whether the accoutrement are flexible, there is no damage, in the amount accept to not be quick adapter unloading, so as to abstain accidents and damage parts.

    Hydraulic jack should be placed flat, afore use do not tilt, basal pad, to anticipate the foundation bore or the fractional amount about-face hydraulic jack agee or overturned, at the basal of the hydraulic jack pad or pillow with boxy bowl to aggrandize the breadth of pressure, so as not to abatement or slide accident; do not use adipose Copse as a pad or animate plate, to anticipate bottomward force, affirmation accidents; weight is appropriation position accept to be safe and solid parts, in adjustment to anticipate accident to the equipment.

    The use of hydraulic jack, should aboriginal try to lift a allotment of the heavy, anxiously analysis the hydraulic jack afterwards exception, and again abide appropriation abundant objects. If it is activate that the plate is not bland and ambiguous afterwards the compression, or the hydraulic jack is inclined, the Hydraulic Jack accept to be appear from the burden and return.