Manchester United now is the top 1 club

  • "Forbes" magazine published the latest issue of sports brand value list. In the football club level, Premier League giants Manchester United club to 425 million pounds in the first place, followed by Barcelona and Real Madrid. And in the football star brand value level, just to get the first five FIFA Player of the Year award C Luo to 16 million pounds against Messi came in first place.

    "Daily Mail" said Manchester United although the results of these seasons is not very good, but their brand value and high popularity has not been affected. Last season, Mourinho to help Manchester United to get the League Cup and the European Cup two championships, the team gradually embarked on the road to revival. 9 rounds of the season before the strike, Manchester United is currently ranked first in the Premiership points standings. "Forbes" that Manchester United brand value of 425 million pounds, up 12.8% over last year. fifa coins Red Devils CEO Woodward is a business wizards, many of his policies are so that Manchester United's brand continues to become bigger and stronger.

    The brand value of the Spanish giants Barcelona rose 5.5% in the past year, reaching 4.05 billion pounds, ranked second in football. Over the past four years to win the Champions League trophy Real Madrid's brand value is 385 million pounds, "Forbes" said Real Madrid's value in the past year fell 2.1%, which makes a bit puzzling.

    Excellent record did not allow Real Madrid's brand value to be improved, but let C Luo fame and fortune. On Monday, C Lo was re-elected FIFA Footballer, who was the fifth time he was honored, tied the record of Messi. In the football star brand value list, C Lo's value rose 13.2%, his current brand value of 16 million pounds, is the highest football.

    Manchester United beat Barcelona Real Madrid into the most cattle soccer club sports ranked fourth

    Last season, Messi's team is not good enough, which makes him and C Luo's PK defeated. "Forbes" stressed that Messi's personal brand value in the past year dropped by 10%, his current brand value of 10 million pounds.

    If the statistical range to relax to the entire sports, Manchester United's brand value is ranked fourth in the whole, behind the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), New York Yankees (NFL) and the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA). In the sports athletes value list, Federer to 2800 pounds in the first place, LeBron to 25 million pounds ranked second, just retired track and field star Bolt brand value is 20 million pounds, ranked third The C Luo's 16 million pounds in the sports ranked fourth, fifa 18 coins while Messi's 10 million pounds is the first nine.