because your tolerance

  • Originally do not need too much wine, also can let a person drunk, feeling, also is same, don't need too much, also can let a person.
    Look to the sky, intent, not found out what it is, breath, the faint osmanthus fragrance, music, and time on a scenery line, and understand the process of thinking, let a person heart, also let a person enchanted, all of a sudden, deciduous, dancing, is the wind which between the tip of the finger, and wisps of moss, flying in the wind.
    The empty glass, light tea, may not be weak, taste is thick, as thick wine, specious, but strong is not wine, not tea, is the feeling of the heart, strong, can let the cold tears, summed up the river.
    Under cover of darkness, secretly drunk alone, a person alone, a person is greedy, always more lonely than the fireworks.
    Fold my wings, to stay in the original, just waiting for you for coming to my sadness, just let you heartache, for me to love, a woman is always so selfish, I also so ordinary, ordinary, one day you can't remember my face, once filled with happiness, once, my side had a sweet smile on the lips.
    Time, can you in my heart, look the same, pledge of eternal love, never change the oath, just a process, so I don't pursue, because I know, in my heart, there is a piece of heaven and earth belong to two people, this is enough, really enough.
    Like gazing at, look at the sky piaoqi filar silk rain, like to let the rain wet my hair gently, don't let you to accompany me lonely, don't let you accompany me lonely, because, the only belong to me a person, don't let you feel not enough to share these beautiful.
    Today the weather is a bit cold, a bit bleak feeling, street light, will be my shadow for a long, quiet around, I tread on the footprint of the occasional splashes, copy is like a shadow play, all out slowly, feeling this role is a little desolate only occasionally, however, my face, but there's a bitter sweet.
    Don't know this is kind of what kind of mood, at the edge of the happiness sadness, sweet in the sadness, fade away a cup of tea the fragrance of osmanthus, fatigue, lethargy, the urge to sleep, when I fall asleep, dream, I will remember who? Is that a shadow, and I dream of a get together?
    Not deep feeling romantic, affectionate touching, but it is, like flowers, not like the fog the fog.
    They say words are strong spirits, I said, love, is a wine cup and sweet and bitter, drink a cup of wine, lost themselves, say, wine into the more sorrow, sorrow, sorrow I drink the cup of bitterness and drink the cup, in one thousand, today we assure you, I with the wind home.
    Myriad taste in my heart -- -- -- -- -- -
    How can I forget, that have a meteor across the night sky? How to forget, there are snowflakes that evening, in the edge of the sea, was gazing at each other, how will the glorious moment, from the depths of the heart to erase?
    If memory is new, that Christmas Eve, every talk, never forget. Close your eyes, as if it is what happened today, suddenly very comfort, because feel, in this story I won't lose you, know you to collect this figure will be forever, at the end of your heart, forever is tinged with the name.
    I butterfly dance group warbler, sky, you let me fly, my lips, because your tolerance, have the sweetest smile, touched, pull string of missing, projected into deep heart lake.
    All say women are the most beautiful smile, maybe my smile wind, light to let a person never aware of, I know, my beautiful, I'm moving