Bounty Hunter skulls based on GE value

  • Bounty Hunter was introduced to rs gold before the Grand Exchange. For this reason, the skulls which show how much wealth is being carried by your opponent do not use accurate prices.  
    We will be offering to change the Bounty Hunter skulls to be based on Grand Exchange values in order to make them more accurate.  
    Question: The Bounty Hunter interface displays a coloured skull to let you know how much wealth your target is holding. This value is currently based on high alchemy value. Should it be changed to use Grand Exchange values instead?  
    Dropping items within the wilderness  
    When death is inevitable and desperation kicks in, players within the wilderness will sometimes drop their items in the hopes of being able to run back in time to pick them up. This undermines the danger the wilderness aims to   provide, and circumvents the idea of losing your items on death.  
    In order to prevent players circumventing death like this, we would like to make items dropped from your inventory within the wilderness appear instantly to everyone.  
    Question: Should items dropped within the wilderness immediately appear to all players? This would prevent players dropping items to avoid losing them on death.  
    In addition to this, we would like to make it so food and potions which are dropped within the wilderness never appear to other players. This would prevent the common tactic of having a team of people dropping you food as you are being attacked, making you nearly impossible to kill in single-way combat.  

    Question: Should food and potions dropped within the wilderness never appear to other players? This would prevent teams of players dropping each other supplies in single-way combat areas.  
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