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    The bank is a screen that you look at often, it's a place to gear up ready for combat, a place to store all of your valuable materials and good as well as a place to train on a plethora of skills. It is for these reasons that we are adding some cosmetic features to the bank such as being able to change the colour of tabs, being able to rename tabs and much more.

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    Technical Improvements Corner by Mod Hunter

    With the current bank, as far as the game engine is concerned, the bank inventory is no different  the regular inventory,  all of the rules for how content such as bank tabs, non-bankable items and other special cases work are handled by our scripting language, Runescript. This gives our developers a lot of control over the finer details. However, critical portions of the core interactions were built a long time ago and had much more restricted functionality - resulting in expensive code which is increasingly difficult to maintain and build on.

    One of the more important things we look at  a technical perspective is what code the game servers are running. We have information such as the total amount of time each script takes to execute and how many times it’s used which we can use to generate lists of the most expensive code. We have well over a hundred thousand individual scripts and the current bank system appears in the top 200 list 9 times in total.

    One of our key development aims with the bank rework is to work directly in the game engine to provide support for all of the new features we wish to add, while completely rewriting the Runescript  scratch. This should give developers as much control as possible while allowing the game engine to directly handle much of the strain. This will ultimately allow us to add the new features listed in this document while making the system much more maintainable for us and severely reducing the amount of script!

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