Ruenscape Christmas 2015

  • A year has passed since Anti-Santa's defeat, and inevitably he's planning yet another evil scheme. This time, Santa has decided to gain the upper hand by having someone on the inside.  
    If you are up to the challenge of infiltrating Anti-Santa's inner circle you may be runescape gold osrs the perfect person to help Santa stay one step ahead. Unfortunately for you, a little inside-info is not going to be enough to stop Anti-Santa.  
    Santa is not the type to go on the offensive too often, so his resources are a bit lacking. While you are working from within Anti-Santa's camp, you will need to gain his trust and find a way to leverage his own forces against him.  

    If you are able to help Santa preserve the joy of the season, this year you will be able to get your hands on a black Santa hat and inverted Santa hat!  
    And, of course, you will be able to get your hands on all of the Christmas rewards from past events:  
    2x Santa hat  
    2x Christmas cracker  

    2x White partyhat  
    2x Blue partyhat  
    2x Green partyhat  
    2x Purple partyhat  
    2x Yellow partyhat  
    2x Red Partyhat  

    Black partyhat  
    Rainbow partyhat  
    Jester hat & scarf  
    Bobble hat & scarf  
    Tri-Jester hat & scarf  
    Woolly hat & scarf  
    Anti-Santa outfit  
    Santa outfit  
    Wintumber tree  
    Reindeer hat  

    If you have any thoughts of feedback that you would like to provide, make sure to let us know! We are all ears.  

    Next week you will see a poll asking whether or not you would like to see Christmas come to Old School - be sure to have your say and vote! 

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