Old School Bounty Hunter Rewards Shop Part 2

  • Bounty Hunter has proven to be an update that  thousands upon thousands of players can't get enough of. Since Thursday,  world 18 Edgeville has been absolutely packed with lots of blood-hungry  Bounty Hunters looking for their next kill.

    We would like to  offer a few more additions to the rewards shop to give it a little more  variety, along with a more sustainable stock of items. The items  proposed in this blog, if introduced, would bring long-term value to the  Bounty Hunter rewards shop and would bring some more unique content to  the game.

    Saradomin's tear (re-worked)

    On  the initial Bounty Hunter rewards poll we offered an item called the  Saradomin's tear. This would act in a similar way to the Kraken  tentacle, boosting the stats of a Saradomin sword but consuming it after  a certain number of hits. This just barely failed the poll.

    After  receiving a mountain of feedback, we have re-worked the Saradomin's  tear to be a little more appealing while remaining balanced. It will  have the following stats and special attack.

    +0 Stab attack
    +100 Slash attack
    +60 Crush attack
    +0 Magic attack
    +0 Range attack

    +88 Strength
    +2 Prayer
    Special  attack (uses 65% special attack energy): Deals one attack with a 25%  damage increase. This attack will be dealt as magic-based melee damage.

    After  10,000 hits with the blessed sword, the Saradomin sword is consumed and  the player is left with the Saradomin's tear. This creates an item sink  for the Saradomin sword, something that will help keep the profit of  Saradomin Godwars dungeon nice and high.

    The special attack  dealing magic-based melee damage makes it very useful for a number of  PKers. While the overall damage of the special attack is reduced (the  standard Saradomin sword is capable of hitting higher) the ability to  hit once and avoid protect from melee is something that will appeal to  many.

    Hardened granite maul

    The  granite maul is a weapon that is loved, and hated, by pures. It is one  of the strongest weapons in the game against low defence enemies but is  utilised much less by players with higher combat levels.

    The  hardened granite maul is a simple upgrade for the granite maul. As you  can tell by it’s the sedimentary marks and the indentations on its outer  shell, the granite maul has now be compressed to more aerodynamic form  for increased accuracy. The crush attack is increased from the +80 the  granite maul provides to +95.

    The hardened granite maul crumbles to dust after 1,000 hits.

    This  change will not have much of an impact on the area of the wilderness  where it is already incredibly strong, pure PKing, as accuracy is less  significant against lower defence levels. However, it will open up the  weapon to be more useful for mains, offering some variety for higher  leveled players.

    Magic shortbow (i) improvements

    We  would like to give the magic shortbow (i) a little upgrade so the stats  of the weapon better represent the value it holds in the Bounty Hunter  rewards shop.

    At the moment the uses for the magic shortbow (i)  are fairly limited. The only improvement the shortbow holds against the  standard magic shortbow is the ability to use two special attacks in a  row. As many players have pointed out, there are very few circumstances  in which players would want to use back-to-back specials.

    We  would like to add a small increase to the range attack, taking it from  +69 to +75.  This would give the magic shortbow (i) a little more to  offer, as the accuracy increase is fairly generous, without taking it  overboard.

    Cosmetic upgrades

    Back in July we polled  several graphical reworks for items that were recently added to the  game. These reworks came as close as 1% from the 75% threshold but,  unfortunately, most of them failed.

    We  would like to offer these reworks as cosmetic upgrades purchased from  the Bounty Hunter rewards shop. This would allow players that prefer the  original models to stick with what they know while letting players  interested in Alfred's re-works get their fill as well.

    We would be offering upgrades for the following items:

    Dragon pickaxe
    Steam battlestaff
    Odium ward
    Malediction ward
    Teleport to target

    Teleport  to target was a spell back in the times of Bounty Hunter craters. It  would allow you to teleport directly to your target.

    We would  like to offer an unlockable teleport to target spell as a reward from  the Bounty Hunter rewards shop. Players that are willing to take on the  risk of teleporting into the unknown will be able to surprise their  targets, or get a surprise themselves. The spell would offer a new  element of risk vs reward to Bounty Hunting, something we know PKers  love.

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