How To Solve Email Issues After Updating The Mac OS Firmware To

  • There are many people who have reported problems with email app after getting their operating system updated to 10.10.4. The problem has occurred in Gmail, MS Outlook and RR email login. People can log into their accounts, but they can’t get any notification, i.e., if there is any new mail arrived in the mailbox, then they are not going to see it.

    This issue and its solution will be explained in this blog post. There are certain troubleshooting steps, which can easily fix the problem of ‘not able to get notifications on email app’. These steps will help resolve SMTP sending errors. A great thing about these troubleshooting steps is that they are common for all email platforms, whether Gmail or www RR com login email or SBCGlobal mail. For instance, if users are experiencing different issues, i.e., related to login or notification, then the solution is different for it. The solution has been provided by many users who were successfully able to resolve the problem.

    How to resolve faulty mail account settings after getting the firmware updated?

    1. The first thing that you need to do is open email app in the smartphone and tap on ‘preferences’ option.
    2. Open ‘account’ menu and search for email account that according to you is creating the problem. Once located, click on ‘advanced’ menu.
    3. Search for ‘automatically correct & detect email account settings’ box and check the box. After that, restart the application.
    4. If the aforementioned box is already selected, then uncheck and check it again. After that, open email app from the smartphone’s home screen. With this, the problem will be fixed. If you are using www RR com login mail, then you will have to open www RR com link.

    If you are using multiple accounts, which have same issue, then the same process has to be repeated for those as well. Restarting and relaunching the app is a hectic task, but there isn’t any other option apart from this. The server settings will be adjusted by TWC email login automatic settings. The configuration will also be done on its own, and you don’t require to change user interface.

    If the problem persists even after following the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps, then you should rebuild your inbox. Here is the process on how to rebuild inbox, so pay a close attention towards the steps, which are given below:

    1. The solution which we will discuss will help you fix the problem that occurs after the installation 10.10.4 OS in the MacBook.
    2. Not every Mac user is experiencing the same issue after they update the firmware version of their MacBook to 10.10.4. There hasn’t been an exact reason found as to which has caused this issue in the first place, but it could be the problematic setup processes, which you have done on the email app. Legacy settings have helped resolve the problem, as it automatically detects new settings and switch port number accordingly. Time Warner Cable email login has also helped resolve the issue.

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