How To Block An Email ID's In RR Email?

  • One of the biggest problems that people are facing while using email services today is that they are getting emails from those email IDs, which they are not interested in making any contact with. People are looking to block those email IDs because emails coming from such email IDs are creating nuisance instead of doing any good. Even those who are using Road Runner web mail are facing this problem. So, let us find out how to fix this problem in the easiest of the ways.

    Time Warner Cable, which is the owner of RR email is assigning its customers an email ID after they purchase web services from it. The process is automatic and is liked by all the customers. RR mail login is a free email service that is equipped with a plethora of features for the users. Out of all the features in this email service, there is one especially, which people like the most and i.e., the ability of the email service to provide customers with customizable privacy settings in their email accounts.

    The company is allowing people to make changes to the settings, so that if they want, they can easily block emails that are coming from undesirable places. On an average day, we all receive dozens of emails that don’t make any sense, and are more of spam. So, what users are looking for is a way to block such email addresses. They don’t want to receive emails from unwanted email IDs. There is no fun in having an inbox that is filled with unnecessary emails.

    To block a particular email ID, here are the steps that a person can follow :

    1. The first step is to go to the official TWC account login page.
    2. Once you reach that page, you have to click ‘mail’ option that is present on the toolbar menu.
    3. Now, it’s time to enter your RR email ID and password in order to sign into your email ID.
    4. After you sign in, you will be asked to select your preferred language. Choose the right language that you are most comfortable reading.
    5. Now, you have to use your RR com email login details in order to log into your account.
    6. After you log into your account, you have to click on ‘settings’ followed by scrolling down the categories and clicking the category named ‘customize mailbox options’. Once you click it, you have to click on ‘allow and block messages options’.
    7. To enable Road Runner email blocking, select the option named ‘advanced block senders’.
    8. Now, type your email address or domain name that you are looking to block. After you add the address, you will not see any email from that ID ever again.
    9. Now, scroll down until you are able to locate the option ‘delete mail from blocked senders’. This option is placed under ‘blocked mail section’ heading. Select the radio button that is corresponding to this option.
    10. Click ‘OK’ to finish the process.

    If you come across any problem, then you can take the help of email help and support providers. They know how to block email addresses in the right way.