How To Solve These General Amazon Fire TV Issues?

  • Being a user of Amazon Fire TV if you want to grab the steps of reset process, how to fix loading issue, or how to turn on closed caption etc. then you need to check these steps.

    How to Reset an Amazon Fire TV


    If you’re having a software problem that’s keeping you from relishing your Fire TV, Amazon suggests that you do a soft reset. This will not delete your apps or account, but it will provide the device a chance to load its operating system again and start fresh.

    There’s no button to reset the Amazon Fire TV. If yours is behaving abnormally and frozen, from the back of it, you need to pull the power cable. Leave it unpowered for approx. 40 seconds before plugging it back in.


    Fixing Loading Fire TV Problems


    Your Fire TV is an internet-centric device. That is, it requires a rapid and trustworthy internet connection to load motion pictures, soundtracks and television shows from servers of Amazon. You should have configured your device to use your Wi-Fi at the house when you set it up. If you’re facing trouble loading motion pictures or television shows, it’s possibly something has gone not accurate with your internet connection.

    Before doing anything radical, try using the internet on your phone or laptop. This will support you determine what’s gone inappropriate by the procedure of removal. If these other devices work perfectly on the similar network, reset your Fire TV by unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for approx. 40 seconds.

    Keep that in mind, you don’t have to use your Wi-Fi network at all for the Fire TV to work. The Ethernet port on the back of the gadget lets it link directly to your router for rapid load times.


    Replacing the Remote


    No one likes losing something they’ve spent their tough-earned cash on. That goes double for anyone that wished to use their Amazon Fire TV but can’t find its remote. This is one of those Fire TV issues that’s facile to resolve.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a completely new Fire TV just to get a new remote. Amazon sells them for $29.99. There are reasonable, options available on the site too. Note that you can skip purchasing a new remote and download the Amazon Fire TV Remote app instead. This fixation is a bit heavy, but works good, if you’re just waiting until your new remote reaches.


    Turn on Closed Captioning


    To turn on Closed Captioning – what Amazon refers to as subtitles – make a press on the Menu button on your Amazon remote after loading a motion picture or television series. This button has three straight lines piled on top each other.

    You need to open Subtitles and Audio.

    Do a selection of the Off button on your screen so that it shows On.

    Now make a press on the Menu button to get rid of the Settings menu.


    Can’t Watch 4K Video on Fire TV


    This isn’t a glitch or broken software. You’re likely not receiving 4K quality video from your Amazon Fire TV because your model does not support it.

    Only the second-generation Amazon Fire TV provides 4K video support, meaning you’ll need to upgrade to get access to it. If you bought your gadget before October of 2015, you’ve got the previous model. Only the 4K model has an ocular audio port like the one show between the HDMI port and Ethernet port in the picture below.