ABC7 News And Waipu TV launches On Amazon Fire TV

  • Amazon Fire TV lets stream the content of almost every type. You can watch many channels on it. Now making anew move and some wonderful additions to its list of channels, Amazon Fire TV has launched two new channels on its platform- ABC7 News and Waipu TV. Let’s check out more about these channels.

    ABC 7 News is now available at Amazon Fire TV, a streaming media player that hooks directly in to your television sets. This is a new way to connect instantly with ABC7 News and to watch the stories and videos whenever you want. For more information, you can take Amazon Fire Tv Support.

    To check out the top stories of ABC7 News, use your remote to move from one video to another and find what interests you. Then click on most recent tab to get ABC7 News videos as soon as they are posted. The weather tab will take you to a quick seven day forecast or to get a more detailed up to the minute forecast from our ABC7 weather team. If you are looking for a pick me up, then click on the Feel-Good section. There you will find the video that will make you smile and that are good for every member of your house. If you have an Amazon Echo, then make sure you turn on the Flash briefings from ABC7 News. By this way, you will get your headlines and breaking news. Once you have activated it, then just say Alexa, What’s the news, and she will read all the top stories. Fire Tv Support can be taken in case you have any difficulty. Amazon Fire Tv is just another way to have ABC7 News on your fingertips.

    Another addition to Amazon Fire TV box and stick platform is Waipu TV, a Tv platform of German IPTV operator Exaring. A new feature in the Waipu. Tv app is the series recording. Just with a single click, all the episodes of a series can be automatically recoded by the integrated cloud-based PVR. For more information, you can also take Fire Stick Support.

    In addition to the around 60 public and commercial TV channels, Waipu tv has starting adding web TV services to its listing of channels. The first entrants are computer and video game channel Rocket Beans TV, BFV TV which shows the highlights of local Bavarian football matches and a best of channel with videos from YouTube stars part of German multiplatform network Mediakraft. BFV TV is already available and Rocket TV and Mediakraft will follow in the next weeks.

    This year Waipu Tv also wants to launch an Ultra HD/4k offer with sports documentaries and music. For reception, viewers will need a Google Chromecast Ultra or Amazon Fire TV box in addition to an Ultra HDTV set. In case you need any information, Fire Stick Help can be taken.