Can’t Login your bigpond account? Here Is solutions.

  • Bigpond users never got disappointed when they face any trouble during using this email services. As they know that there is someone always there to help and protect them from further same problems. Different types of problems like file attachment problem, mail sending and receiving problem, big pond access issue etc make a chaos in users’ life. So to get rid of from such chaos, users must need to take proper technical procedure. But how should users know which one is the right process and which one is wrong? It has solution. Big pond expert team is there to provide high end solution. They never compromise with the quality of the service.

    What steps users should take to access their big pond email account?

    ü  First step of securing account is, users need to go to the website of big pond.

    ü  Users need to provide their user name and password.

    ü  Then they need to choose ‘’my big pond’’ from account service.

    ü  Then, users are instructed to click on the ‘’ Can’t access’’ account option.

    ü  Next, users are instructed to click on ‘’reset password’’ option.

    ü  Then, users can mention the desired email id and type the captcha (users have to be careful during typing captcha).

    ü  Then, users can click on Next button.

    ü  Users also are allowed to click on the option ‘’ I can’t use any of these options. Then their Microsoft account will display. Then users need to mention the alternative email id and then they can click on ‘’next’’.

    How to avoid further big pond access problem?

    • Users need to be careful during using public/wi fi internet connection. There is higher chance to being attacked by the virus or hackers due to using public wi fi. Most of the people are unaware of it and take attempt of downloading so many things. And got attacked by the hackers. They hack entire personal details.
    • Always log out from the public computer after using. Most of the time, users forgot to log out after using the public computer. And next user of that computer got the all information from that opened account. That’s why big pond technicians always warn the users to use the public computer carefully.
    • Be careful during entering password in public computer. So that, no one will be able to see the password. Always off the ‘’reminder me’’ option. Otherwise, ill minded people will click on the password section and will be able to enter the users’ email account.
    • Make the password level stronger.
    • Mix alphabets and numbers together. It will confuse the hackers to hack the password.
    • Change your password with regular interval.

    Bigpond login problem is not a headache anymore. Users can take help from the technicians whenever they want. This is 24x7 hours based service. Users can ask for customized service package. Users can use the toll free helpline number which allows the user to call repeatedly until they got the solution.