‘’Can’t access Hotmail account’’-take Microsoft tech support

  • Hotmail users feel helpless when they failed to access their own accounts. As a result, users have lots of work pending which gives wrong impression on their work places. But, there are many reasons can cause of hotmail accessibility problem. Sometimes, hacking problem, blocked account, wrong password, server problem and many other reasons prevent the users from accessing it. In that situation, Microsoft tech support team help them a lot. Some problems occur due to users’ fault and some problems occur due to technical fault. Every problem is different from each other and requires different solution. Microsoft professionals give the exact solution for individual problem.

    Here’s how Microsoft Tech Support helps to get back hotmail account-

    • Users can follow some technical process to recover their password- Users can go to the trouble shooting page.
    • Then they can choose the “I don’t know my password” option.
    • After that, users are instructed to mention the email id.
    • And then follow the rest steps

    When users require Microsoft tech support?

    • Hotmail users must understand that whenever they find out some unusual activities in their account. Like, there is no new or unread mail .Whereas , they were expecting some new mails. Users felt surprised when they discover their supposed to have unread mails, but in reality there is no new or unread mails. Or all mails have been read. But not by the users.


    • People (from contact list) are getting unwanted mails from users email id while user did not send any mail. In this situation users started receiving complain from the people who are in their contacts (in email) ,they they are getting abusive or unwanted mails from the user.
    • Important mails have been deleted unknowingly.


    • Sometimes users find out that there is no important mail which they have marked before as important mails.


    • People suddenly find out that they are unable to access their own account. In that situation, expert teams tell them some possibilities of password related problem which prevent the users from accessing own account.

    ü  There is higher chance to type the password wrongly.

    ü  Sometimes users forgot their password and failed to recall that.

    ü  Being inactive for long time-makes the account blocked.

    ü  Some frequent password changer confused about the current password.

    • When users find out that they are losing money from their account through online transaction whereas they didn’t purchase or pay anything at that time.

    Some tips set by Microsoft tech support team-

    ü  To forgotten password related matter, users should keep a note of the password and keep it as confidential.

    ü  Always log out from the public computer.

    ü  Be careful during typing. Type the password correctly.

    ü  Don’t change the password frequently.

    ü  Follow the 2 step authentication process to secure account.

    Microsoft tech support is available for 24x7 hours. Users can dial the toll free helpline number. There is no limitation in calling. That’s why users can call them repeatedly until the technicians understand the problem completely. The service charge is very reasonable and can be customized as per users’ requirement and budget.