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  • This Apple-sized hole is growing bigger, with the iPhone and iPad dominating the enterprise market for mobile devices.Apple has always been strong in the education sector and now its laptops and desktops are proliferating in business – often unofficially. Anyone reading this article is probably well aware of the headache caused by colleagues, many in senior management, who buy their own MacBooks and expect them to “just work”.Mac users wait for the vendor’s official yearly gathering to see what new products have been released, but it tends to be focused on consumer rather than business products.There is little nerdy talk of new functionality that would benefit administrators. So where can admins get their geek on?Fortunately, there are one or two sites where system administrators can converse and discuss such issues with others who have already been there. And there are some conferences specifically for Apple system administrators, although you may need a travel budget to attend.

    In Gothenberg, Sweden there is MacSysAdmin, a four-day conference scheduled this year for 29 September to 2 October. The organisers say it is the forum for Mac and iOS Administrators to “gain knowledge, meet colleagues, make acquaintances and exchange experiences”.Then there is the JAMF Nation User Conference in Minneapolis in late October, which JAMF describes as “one of the largest gatherings of Apple systems administrators in the world”. About 90 per cent of the 1,000-plus attendees are users of the company’s Mac management software, Casper Suite.The company stresses this is not a sales expo or a trade show. It says: “Instead, it is a welcoming, three-day rally of user and community presentations, hands-on labs, developer training, and practical information and instruction you can take back to your organisation and use to make a difference right away.”July is the hottest month for Mac conferences, with MacAdmins – “the premier East Coast conference for anyone who deploys and manages Macs and iOS devices” – invading Pennsylvania State University from 7-10 July, and MacIT – the world’s “premiere event for deploying Apple in the enterprise” – in Santa Clara, California from 14-16 July. Delegates fly in from across the globe for these conferences.

    An honourable mention must also go to X World 2015, held at the University of Technology in Sydney from 9-10 July. It is aimed at people who manage or administer Mac OS X and iOS installations in either a support, lab manager, network technician or systems administration role, say the organisers.Those lesser mortals who can’t afford the fare (or can't their expenses signed off) to an Apple conference just have to make do with the many Linux conferences that pop up in just about every major city, and where you will often see Macs dotted about in the sea of laptops.Speakers at the VMware User Group meetings often run up Macs to do their presentations Many virtualisation admins use MacBooks and speakers at the VMware User Group meetings often run up Macs to do their presentations, using tools such as the VMware Fusion client and the ever popular Keynote application.At the enterprise level, Apple infrastructure can effectively be split into two streams: the iPads and iPhones in one and then the Mac laptops and desktops we have come to love.iPads and iPhones are quite well served by conferences such as Mobile World Congress, where vendors present solutions for mobile management of Apple devices.Mac conferences aimed at enterprise computing lean more towards the applications and technology underlying the operating system. For example, a number of Linux and Unix people tend to be Mac users who administer Linux and Unix server infrastructure.

    It should come as no surprise that Unix guys like the Mac, as it is very similar under the hood to Linux. Usenix, which has been going strong for 40 years, is one of the most popular Unix conferences around, .These conferences often focus more on technical methodology than implementation; topics can include fun items such as Hadoop management, Unix containerisation and the like. These conferences are for really hardcore Linux/Unix nerds. You have been warned.Unfortunately, Apple has done itself a disservice by aiming to control everything. Conferences are at the core of a vibrant ecosystem. Without a free exchange of information, user groups and goodwill towards vendors wither on the vine.Conferences also give vendors a chance to show their latest products. Without them, even the best vendors face an uphill battle to get their products out in front of the right people. After all, from a vendor's perspective a conference is a room full of potential buyers.I would like to see easily accessible conferences that just appeal to Apple admins in the same “look, prod, try out” fashion as you see at the plethora of Wintel events.Anyone who opens a new event with premium sponsors within the Mac world may be onto a good thing as the Mac market is growing bigger every quarter.

    The only fly in the ointment may well be that as the main vendor, Apple more than likely won’t want to share its allure with other Mac-orientated companies.Review As Geddy Lee of Rush once sang – “plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose”. When Apple unveiled the MacBook Air back in 2008 we all scoffed and said that Steve Jobs’ slimline progeny was over-priced and underpowered. “It doesn’t even have an Ethernet port”, came the mocking cry (followed by the entire PC industry doing exactly the same thing with hundreds of over-priced and underpowered Ultrabooks).Yet here we are today, looking over the redesigned 2015 version of the MacBook. Once again, the accusation is that it’s over-priced and underpowered. This time around the darn thing is reduced to just a single USB-C port, which is only grudgingly included so that you can plug it in and charge the battery every now and then.

    As always, Apple is relying on the craftsmanship of Sir Jony Ive and his team to overcome the knockers. And, in truth, they’ve played a blinder this time around. The clunky MacBook of old has now been replaced by a 12-inch ultra-portable laptop that measures just 13.1mm thick and weighs a paltry 0.92kg. You can pick it up in one hand with no effort at all, and the weight is so well balanced that you can pick it up while the screen is still open without feeling it toppling backwards.The aluminium chassis feels really solid too, and despite the lack of cooling fans the MacBook never felt more than lukewarm even while running our intensive benchmark tests.I was also impressed to see that the keyboard on the MacBook is the same size as that on my 13-inch MacBook Air. My only minor complaint here is that the wafer-thin keyboard panel means that there’s not a lot of travel on the keys. It feels a little lifeless at first, but you do get used to it quite quickly.The Force Touch trackpad is similar to that on Apple’s latest MacBook Pro, but here the trackpad has been elongated so that it’s a wide rectangle, which feels comfortable and gives your fingers more room to play with.

    Even the speakers are a cut above average. They’re not especially loud, but they produce a warmer, fuller sound than the tinny rattle that emanates from most laptops of this size. And, thankfully, Apple does include a headphone socket as well – one of its few concessions to ye olde wired peripherals.Criminals, activists, and whistle-blowers have a new tool to help foil police by shutting down laptops before they are examined.USBKill is a script that turns an innocent-looking thumb drive into a kill switch that, when unplugged, forces computers to shut down.Author Hephaestos (@h3phaestos) says their tool will prevent users becoming the next Ross Ulbricht, the former boss of the Silk Road drug marketplace arrested in a raid in which his laptop was seized while still powered on.USBKill waits for a change on your usb ports, then immediately kills your computer, Hephaestos says in a Github document.The police will use a mouse jiggler to keep the screensaver and sleep mode from activating.

    If this happens you would like your computer to shut down immediately.Users not content to trust that cops would pull USB sticks from laptops could attach it to their wrists so that it would unplug as they are tackled to the ground.The self-described developer of 'software for freedom' says USBKill will be updated with additional commands and capabilities, but notes it functions properly in its current state.The tool could be highly effective if run on virtual machines that would vaporise on reboot.Enemies of the state running permanent operating systems however need not bother using the tool if they do not already run full disk encryption.Further they should be prepared to dig themselves a potentially bigger hole if they refuse police requests to hand over passwords. Film Review Few movie genres see as much innovation as horror, pioneer of the found-footage style and master of the macabre comedy. Just because something is new and clever doesn’t actually mean it will make a better film.Unfriended has a good idea and it runs with it for the whole movie. We open on a pretty teen girl’s Mac screen and that’s where we stay. We’re basically sitting on her shoulder as she Skypes her mates in a group video call, writes iMessages to her all-American boyfriend, watches videos on YouTube and reads messages and looks at photos on Facebook. If this all sounds a tad boring, that’s because it kind of is.