FIFA 16: what FUT prices will do

  • I see the same questions over and over, so here's a quick reference to the most commonly asked questions.

    All other things being equal, prices are higher on the weekends because more people are playing. This is not always the case because of the next item.

    When special packs are released, prices typically go down because more players are being put out into the market, increasing supply with fifa coins. This is exacerbated by multiple rounds of special packs, for example this weekend with FUT United. After the packs are not available, prices will typically begin to rise.

    IF (In-Form) cards are typically highest when the first go into packs (Wed, Thurs) because there are so few. As more are pulled from packs, the prices go down, typically hitting a low between Sunday night (in the US) and Tuesday. Then, they typically rise, as long as they are desirable. The quality of the player, the increase in specific stats, and a position change to a position people want to use all increase desirability. Some IF's go for discard or just above. Each week, geocastaneda ranks the newest IF cards. A link to the latest rankings is here

    The TOTY (Team of the Year) is released on January 12. Prices will typically go way down at some point before that. Many people sell some or all of their players in anticipation of the market crash to buy fifa coins. When the prices go down, players rebuy their team at the lower prices. When the market crash happen exactly? Nobody knows for sure, but...

    .5. If you want to make money trading, take a look at the weekly UT Market Guide Threads. The link is in the right sidebar about 10 items under the picture of Messi. If you can't see it for some reason, here is the link
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