The New boss is in Path of Exile

  • Last week trailer for Path of Exile: War for the Atlas teased many new aspects of the upcoming expansion. You may have noticed one new boss, Shakari who will appear in Act Nine! The team has been working hard on this fight and we're eager to share a full reveal of this gameplay in action. The Path of Exile is an action game and the economy in Path of Exile is different from other MMORPGs. The most special advantage of exile is that you do not need gold to buy things, but you can exchange the items in PoE Currency.



    Gruthkul kills people because the fight has a bunch super dark colors with nearly invisible ground effects that can overlap and do insane damage. A lot of the damage feels completely unavoidable in that fight.

    This fight, in contrast, is very predictable. It's super bright and you can actually tell what the hell's going on. People aren't going to 3-shot it due to the mechanics of the fight with all those different stages, but nothing in that video looked particularly scary.

    While it's somewhat cool that GGG are playing around with the idea of less trivial boss fights, it's a little late for this sort of thing now. Unless they completely reverse track and decide to allow us to deterministic-ally farm bosses for specific loot, no one in their right mind will ever do a boss fight more times than necessary. With bosses in their current state, whether they be storyline or maps- you basically just want to get your build to a point where you can ignore anything the boss throws at you and blow through the annoyance and waste of time as fast as humanly possible. This is of course unless you're like most players who map, in which case you're never doing a boss past Kitava anyway, and you likely paid someone to carry you through that as well.

    I personally wouldn't mind more intense boss fights, if they actually required an organized party to fight properly, or only an extremely solid solo build that's built a specific way, and if there were a loot or exp-based reason for doing so. Right now, as GGG has implemented bosses in their game, they're merely an irritating break in your progress while you sit there and wait for phases to complete so you can finish trivializing the boss that someone put hours or weeks of dev time into, only for you to ignore it as much as you can.

    Right now bosses are in a very weird place in POE. I just hope GGG realize this and have some plans to work on them in the future. I wouldn't mind re-learning how to create builds if there's a reason to build differently and the loot and the mechanics actually reward a playstyle that isn't just "mow through this content as fast as you can or be broke forever".