FIFA 18 Eden Hazard Player Guide and Review

  • How good is Eden Hazard and how to play with himbest coin sites for fifa

    Comrades, hello and welcome back to my FIFA 18 Academy! It’s time for another player review.

    Make sure you fasten your seatbelt before reading this post because things are about to get a little…


    Expectation Based on Attributes

    The blistering Belgian has excellent pace on paper, good passing, superb dribbling, and the phenomenal finesse shot trait.

    Naturally, he is a tiny motherfucker with no strength, and his shooting power is pretty damn weak.

    Based on the attributes alone, Hazard should be a slightly worse Messi. But as is often the case in FIFA, the mixture of a player’s attributes can create something unexpected or strange.

    So is Eden truly an elite in game player? Let’s find out!

    My Experience With Eden Hazard

    I played Mr. Hazard as an LF and ST (usually during 2nd halves to mix it up) in a 4 3 2 1. He had the Hawk chemistry style on him and was designated as my primary goalscorer with no player instructions.

    I had purchased him with the expectation that he would win me matches almost on his own.  He played with Jesus and Deadeye Willian up top, and sometimes Prime Icon Del Piero. Behind him was the trio of Vidal, Bakayoko, and Nainggolan.

    In the end, I scored 72 goals in 52 matches with 15 assists. To be honest, even I’m impressed with that return, but I can’t stress enough that he was my primary scorer. As a result, we should expect his stats to be outrageously good.